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Everyone knows a remodel can get expensive…fast.

painted kitchen cabinets

To save money on her kitchen redesign, Alison Spear “faked” metal kitchen cabinets by spray painting them with car paint at a shop. So clever.

What are your great money-saving makeover ideas? We’d love to hear about them.


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  1. Helga Miller says:

    Wow! did not know you could do that they look like real metal very shiny.

  2. Amy PureHome says:

    Great idea! Cost savers sometimes don't look too hot – but this looks great! Good job.

  3. Henry@Sublime says:

    Awesome finish!

  4. Henry_Sublime says:

    It is very difficult to achieve metallic finishes on wood. This one was very well done.

  5. lrd says:

    I'm interested in what the cost was and for how many cabinets? I assume just door fronts only were painted. Did you just take them to any auto detailing shop?

  6. Ruth says:

    Great little kitchen. Fantastic idea and the finish is fabulous!

  7. acpest says:

    I've been looking for information like this for quite a while and found your blog post. Thanks so much for the information.
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