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This Christmas, go beyond the traditional green and red, and spice up your holiday decor with a brand new color scheme. 

Living Etc.

Think bright and bold with colors like neon pink and green.

Living Etc.

What about choosing a palette that complements your existing interior?  The pink and orange holiday decor in this living room fits perfectly with the orange Womb Chair.

Rue Magazine

Your tree can also take on a new hue.  White, gold and silver trees are popular, like this one from Rue Magazine, issue 2, page 145.  You can have your pick of colorful trees at Treetopia.

Living Etc.

Or, update red and green with bold prints and a bit of holiday sparkle.  The silver pillow in this living room does the trick.

Rue Magazine

If you’re ready to embrace a room filled with color, this technicolor Christmas theme (Rue Magazine, issue 2, page 79) will provide some inspiration.  From holiday wreaths, to ornaments and wrapping paper, this holiday decor is all about fun and color!


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12 Responses

  1. AlexisAnne says:

    I'm obsessed with cherry red and lime green for Christmas

  2. pixelecho69 says:

    The technicolor tree in the picture looks amazing.

  3. royaltygirl says:

    i tried some colorful decor this year. http://www.katespade-aholic.com/2010/11/kate-spad

  4. [...] best article I came across today was A Colorful Christmas over at HGTV. They give great encouragement to take your holiday decorating beyond just the [...]

  5. PFG says:

    I guess I've learn to love, green greens & red red's for this holiday. Clear, white & frosted is all good too. I'm settled with these choices perfectly with loving them as there's infinite ways to use them and the loads we haven't mastered or figured out yet.

    Bright colors are certainly vivid, lively & add lots of spunk about. It's colorful, pretty and kind of like adding Easter festivities into the holiday mix for this season. It's spirited, and fun, but not the signal I'm looking for. We probably can determine our age groups, our moods based upon looking at holiday displays? What are we trying to say in our display? It's all good, hospitality, wamth and our full sincerity being given away.

  6. royaltygirl says:

    I posted some more pictures of my kate spade inspired Christmas http://www.katespade-aholic.com/2010/12/kate-spad

  7. Jim Halvorson says:

    I had to pain the living room green a few years back because I wanted to experience Christmas all year long…and just not admit it to too many people.

  8. Kat says:

    A very easy way to add color to your tree… use a yuleahoop!
    The YuleaHoop™, patent pending, is a small round ring with gripping slots that slips over the top branch of your Christmas Tree. The YuleaHoop securely holds ribbons and/or bead garlands in place. Decorating is fast, easy and secure. It will hold string popcorn and cranberries too! YuleaHoop is a revolutionary new way to decorate your tree.

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