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Writing about holiday decor often puts me to sleep. There’s only so much one can say about red, green, silver and gold decor until the desire to punch Rudolph in his crimson sniffer kicks in. Known as somewhat of a Scrooge from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, I wanted this year to be hollier and jollier.

KAZAM! In two shake’s of a non-existent reindeers’ tails, I suddenly found my design side getting into the Christmas spirit.

This is the part where you hypothetically ask yourself, “Well, how did he do that?”

The answer (and thanks for asking) is COLOR!

Flea markets and wallpaper showrooms aside, the best way to this decorator dude’s holiday heart is to tempt him with a color challenge. My out-of-the-box holiday hues? Dark brown and ultra-white paired with bronze and visions of sugar plum, grape and violet. Royal? Yes. Cliché? No.

Although I’m officially Christmas cheery at the moment, my Bah Humbug side rears its ugly head each time my patriarch pup, Sebastian, makes his way towards the tree.

While I may only be 12 (or fewer) days away from Christmas, my pure white tree is only one leg-lift away from becoming a yellowed, yuletide mess.

BTW, wanna know my shopping secrets, see more of my decorations, plus get a yummy hot chocolate recipe? Check out my post at All the Best!



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  1. @MFAMB says:

    if sebastian fails to deliver a golden shower allow me to come to your christmas party and do it for you.

  2. Erika Ward says:

    I see your vision Brian and it is glorious. Plum, your signature color, is so rich and perfect alternative. I'm using jewel tones this year.

  3. pixelecho69 says:

    What a beautiful Inspiration Plum is my favorite color well actually all the purple tones are ok with me and what you did with your Christmas is perfect just keep Sebastian away.

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