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Crossing everything off your Christmas gift list can certainly be one of the most challenging parts of the holiday season. What do you give that stylish person who has everything and wants nothing? My tried-and-true strategy is to buy them something from abroad. (Yes, they have plenty of paperweights, but do they have one from Europe? I didn’t think so.) Wow the impossible giftee in your life with something unique from the appropriately-titled Finnish design shop FinnStyle.

FinnStyle’s Ruby Red Bird is part of a highly-prized collection by designer Oiva Toikka and the master glassblowers at iittala. Just answer this week’s question to take this little fellow home or give it to that impossible someone. Submit your answer before 12/11c Monday, Dec. 20 to be entered into the drawing.

This week’s question: What’s at the top of your wish list this holiday season?

And for last-minute gift ideas, check out HGTV’s Holiday Gift Guide.

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115 Responses

  1. Mark R Johnson says:

    A time of peace to reflect on friends current and past and say a prayer for each one. That tops my wish list this holiday season!

  2. Tiffany grover says:

    Well I got what was on top…. My husband back :-) ….. Now I just need a job! …. Also I discovered these birds earlier this year and told even told my husband I wanted to start collecting them! Merry Christmas fellow fans!

  3. MsSwarr says:

    Something off of my Etsy favorites list!

  4. alwaysing4him says:

    Top of my list? For Christmas to mean more to families than it does. We love love love getting gifts and giving them, but why can't it be a special "few" instead of getting so many you don't even really appreciate what you are given.
    This year we chose to give only a couple of really "nice" things (like this YUMMMMMMY FinnStyle Ruby Red Bird by designer Oiva Toikka)
    We lost everything in a house fire a year ago and have learned to appreciate special Heirloom items like this and sharing the season with Family.
    Hope everyone's holiday can be that cherished! (and I hope we ALL get one of these from someone!)

  5. raelene_59 says:

    My wish could be world peace, econonic stability, or plain just win the lottery. Which are good wishes, but since we're talking all things Finnish, which reminds me of my Finnish co-worker Erik who died this year, he was in his 70s. He came to America with his family when he was young. I have a few of his Finnish dishes, and I know he loved all things Finnish. He had a great eye for art (and painted too) and design (he was an architect). My wish would be to again spend a day with him talking about arts, design and life in general. That's how we spent many moments over the past ten years. Winning something Finnish would be wonderful and would add to my collection to be a reminder of him! Thank you!!

  6. Keedanlex says:

    This is beautiful. My granmother had a wonderful paperweight collection. I have one bird like this. On the top of my Christmas list is a Camera, my kids lost our camera when we moved to our new house a year ago.

  7. two2ride says:

    The top of my Christmas list is to finish my new kitchen- which I'm doing all by myself!. I've taken down 4 walls, ripped up the old tile flooring, and the linoleum under that, installed the plumbing & electric lines, moved two doorways. All after working my regular job. Next week the flooring goes down in time for Christmas. Instead of the blue bird of happiness, I could settle for a ruby red bird of happiness! She would sparkle on my new black countertops!

  8. photogirl15 says:

    I would love to add this lovely Finnish bird to add to my mother's collection. (For me, I would like a Chef's mat for my tiled kitchen floor.)

  9. jwb says:

    At the tippy-tippy top of my Christmas wish list is a new kitchen. The one "custom" built for my 1975 home is so poorly constructed that I wondered about the sanity and sense of the owner. I priced a nice one at Lowe's for $8K, which is NOT AT ALL BAD for a kitchen.

    A more realistic wish is a Dyson vacuum. The only one I have at present is an underpowered dustbuster.

    This little bird is so pretty! Two friends are helping me gut my bedroom (right down to the non-existent subfloor and wall joists — see why I question the prior owner's judgment & sanity?) and this little bird would look right at home on my refurbished mantel.

  10. Jenn E says:

    New kitchen countertops and this adorable little bird to adorn them!

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