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Christmas is exactly one week away, which gives you plenty of time to create a stunning holiday table for two…or 12. Having a hard time envisioning the perfect place setting or centerpiece? Don’t sweat it. Whether you enjoy traditional red and green, elegant silver and gold or rebellious holiday hues of purple and baby blue, we’ve got just inspiration you need to set your Christmas table faster than you can name Santa’s reindeer. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer…

HGTV: Christmas Themes You’ll Love

HGTV: Gorgeous Holiday Table Settings

Canadian Living


A Creative Project

HGTV: Eye-Catching Christmas Centerpieces

HGTV: Getting Ready for Holiday Guests

Nesting Place


HGTV: Festive Holiday Table Ideas

Bower Power

the kitchn


HGTV: Organic Holiday Table Decorations

Home for Christmas


HGTV: Handmade Holiday Decorations

Conquer holiday hosting in style with these tabletop accessories and entertaining tips. And impress guests with your cooking skills with some of our favorite holiday recipes.

Doing some last-minute shopping for the friend who has everything? HGTV’s Holiday Gift Guide is your new best friend.

21 Responses

  1. pixelecho69 says:

    It sure helps you to get in the Christmas mood with all these beautiful pictures I try to keep my table with traditional Red Green and Gold but some years I have gone wild and tried other colors.

  2. CplusE says:

    I just love looking at table settings — thanks for this post!

  3. Raysa says:

    I love it all decorations beauftiful

  4. Denise says:

    the only problem with the table decorations is… where do you put all the food when it is time to eat?

  5. HGTV, I invite you to visit my Christmas Album on FB. I love decorating and enhancing the looks of my abode.

  6. grammatto says:

    I love al the photos, but where are the instructions for creating the decorations themselves?

    • Anna says:

      grammato – for those photos that are from HGTV, there are frequently directions or helpful tips for achieving the look. Just click on the hot link. Good luck!

    • Anna says:

      grammatto – for the images from HGTV, there are frequently instructions or helpful tips. All you have to do is click on the hot link below the photo. Good Luck. Merry Christmas!

  7. cheryl says:

    Thanks for the wonderful ideas! I wish HGTV would have more holiday craft shows than house hunting shows. There are so many creative people out there:) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    • Tami says:

      I totally agree Cheryl! More craft and decorating! The house hunting is way overdone! Nobody can afford to buy anyway. And the banks are barely lending. I like the shows especially International but would way rather see less of it and more budget decorating and not so much the high dollar decorating!

    • grown&sey68 says:

      i agree with you, there are way TOO MANY House Hunting shows on hgtv and they are old. hgtv give us some new shows. i'm with tami.

  8. ali says:

    I love them all!

  9. Linda says:

    It was all so beautiful i couldnt pick just one favorite,thanks for some of the best ideas ever.

  10. Purnima says:

    Nice post!! I think all these decor are do-able on a budget!! All the items are usually available at home.. All that is needed is some DIY and creativity!! Thanks Kayla for featuring some items from my Blog!! It feels very good to be on your all time favorite Blog!!

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