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Happy New Year! Living in an apartment poses certain challenges, one of the biggest of which is keeping the clutter to a minimum. So for 2011, one of my resolutions is to find a way to become more organized.

organized closet

supershoppertoo, Flickr

The closet above has been converted into an office and organized to clear the clutter in such a pretty way. Definitely going to keep this in my inspiration file.

Is mastering the art of organization one of your 2011 goals, too? Here are 5 helpful resolution suggestions for your home from HGTV.


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  1. AlexisAnne says:

    I love that photo, great inspiration! I have an organizing blog with lots of little tips and strategies for organizing with style in your honme. Check it out! <a href="http://www.cleansmartsimple.blogspot.com” target=”_blank”>www.cleansmartsimple.blogspot.com

  2. pixelecho69 says:

    This is one of my resolutions to declutter, hopefully I will stick to it all year round, I mean, I try to, I do but then half year goes by and I am just so busy that I star to accumulate thing all over the house again

  3. gloria eren says:

    Oh to be this organized only in my dreams.

    I would need profesional help. This is one thing I cannot do by myself and I am quit handy. I buy products from Home depot for my craft area, office, and garage but I have yet to be organized.

  4. gloria eren says:

    the color coded hooks very smart for any time of year summer, beach bag, sin glasses,
    book bag, cell phone. this worka.

  5. Evelyn Cofresi says:

    I just love it what a great idea just what I need for my kids where can I find this, just love it.

  6. Bonnie Oliphint says:

    Will not watch Cari Cucksey. Women do not talk about themselves as "I may be just a girl" etc. She sounds like a throwback to th 1950's. Has she been living in a cultural cave?

  7. Dr. D says:

    Doesn't matter…as long as she's organized, she'll make a fantastic receptionist. Many doctors including myself can use some organizational skills or, optimally, have someone to tend to the cluttered chaos our government has inflicted upon us. If an individual is organized and has the capacity to endure, yet see through the bull shit our government refers to as legality, then God bless that person and I call dibs!

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