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Design Happens fans love all things interior design. So, what could be more perfect for this week’s Freebie than a piece of art that matches our passion.

Florida artist Anne Harwell’s blog, Annechovie, is a must-read around the office. And her bright prints, available in the Annechovie Etsy shop, are popping up all over the web and in shelter magazines. (Even her orange chair print has made it big. Look for it over Meryl Streep’s shoulder in a scene from the movie It’s Complicated.) Anne wants a Design Happens reader to take home her Blue and White Ginger Jar print. Enter to win by answering this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, January 10.

This week’s question: What would you commission Anne Harwell to paint for your home? A beloved pet? A favorite piece of furniture?

Click for official rules.

162 Responses

  1. marilyn says:

    Love the beautiful shape, plus the design of blue and white …

  2. Duenhoft says:

    I would commission her to do a painting of the house I grew up in. My Mom passed away last year and as a result we had to sell it. After 41 years in our family and my parents had it built…it was the house that built me.
    Just like the song!

  3. sarahannc says:

    a painting of a tree I used to climb in my grandfather's backyard would be incredible!

  4. SweetLiz says:

    I would love something featuring all three of my labs that are now gone to the rainbow bridge. I had a chocolate male and two yellow females. I miss them all.

  5. bobbyelaine66 says:

    I would commission her to paint Mary (THE Mary!), as I am a great admirer of Mary. Otherwise, a cardinal, to display during the Christmas season. Her paintings are so happy!

  6. anna see says:

    I would have her paint my dog or a shapely chair.

  7. Nancy says:

    I would love to commission her to paint a favorite country house I grew up around. That would be a nice memory to look at every day.!

  8. Darlene says:

    I have found some vintage ginger jars with similar designs, i would love to have an original piece.

  9. Lauren says:

    I would commission her to paint a picture of the old historic home I live in in downtown Charleston, SC! I love the architecture and ornate details of the molding.

  10. Stephanie S says:

    I adore Anne's work! I would absolutely commission her to paint almost anything – I think a gorgeous painting of my orange tabby housecat, Diego, lounging on a gorgeous chair, would definitely be in order!

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