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Some of us want a toasty fire in our living room but have no way of installing a chimney.

igloo fireplace

Enter the Igloo Fireplace from Connecticut design emporium Mis En Scene. I’ll admit, this free-standing fireplace makes me a touch nervous, like leaving a room with a candle lit. But this clean, ethanol-burning flame is surrounded by stainless steel and tempered glass. Sleek and safe.

Would you consider using a portable fireplace your home?


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  1. k m kerpchar says:

    My husband and I are now retiree and have been looking to move to possibly a town house or condo – after searching for some time we realize we would be getting less for our money – we built our home in 1981 and have kept it up somewhat I have been online and searching for help to have someone come in and redesign what we have here using our own pieces of furniture (possible removing or adding) I have not seen anything like this shown on TV it usually is a complete makeover or totaly renovation – I need someone to come in a REdesign what we have any ideas or places that do that sort of thing in our area thanks again looking forward to hearing frome you

  2. Courtney C. says:

    I would definitely consider a free-standing portable fireplace in my home. I'm sure at first it would make me a bit nervous, but that fireplace is gorgeous! It has such a modern design, yet it still seems like it would give you that cozy warm feeling on those winter nights.

  3. kgroman says:

    Love it. Can"t wait to get one

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  5. caryn says:

    I would totally love to have one,very sleek & stylish!

  6. pixelecho69 says:

    It's very elegant and sophisticated and I bet It would make a great piece of conversation.

  7. porter27 says:

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  8. Anonymous says:

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  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:


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