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This renovation was a study in contrasts.

b&b in belgium

Photo: Jean-Luc Laloux

A fieldstone outbuilding in Belgium was transformed into a bed and breakfast with a steel and glass addition, as well as a mezzanine. I’m drawn to the dynamic of the modern against the rustic. What do you think? Should styles be mixed like this?


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  1. Will Boesewetter says:

    Hmm, as a general rule, no. Such diverse styles should not be mixed. If done however, you have to be that much more careful to tie the two together somehow… Personally, I find traditional architecture to be best. It feels more like a home than a "statement"…

  2. CplusE says:

    I like the contrast! Even though the styles are very different, the square glass wall of the addition repeats the square stone wall of the original building, which provides some continuity. I do agree that this is not the style for everyone, and perhaps not even most people, but it works for me! I took a look at the rest of the photos shown on the linked site, and the very contemporary interior of both structures helps this addition make sense. The brick addition on the other side of the building actually seemed to make less sense, but it adds to the eclectic feel of the exterior. BTW, I love the interior and would really enjoy staying at this B&B! Thanks for the photo!

  3. Bonnie says:

    Oh, no. Being a traditionalist and having a deep appreciation for things that are truly old and historic, absolutely not. While I am not against blending styles, this is far too stark. An addition keeping with the outside facade with modern touches inside would better suit this addition. I am still fuming over the glass pyramid added as an entrance to the Louvre in Paris. While I have become accustomed to it, I still do not like it. So a definite and absolute – no.

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  5. kathryn says:

    yes…those two designs work very well together..total glass with old stone…i love it!!

  6. Renee says:

    Beautiful! What better way to enjoy the earth and sky while indoors.

  7. karen says:

    Very different, but after looking at it a while I like it!

  8. arielle says:

    i love it!! who knew winter snow could be that beautiful!!!:o

  9. Guest says:

    It is Europe. They mix styles very successfully. I wish we had more of that in the States.

  10. DStarB says:

    Gorgeous! Especially if you look at the other exterior and interior photos in the link.
    I think this is an example of an older building that might be unlivable if kept in the
    original footprint and style but the simple lines and beauty of the original stonework
    are really enhanced by this clean, streamlined update. Also, I imagine how wonderful
    it would be to sit in that glass room during the winter with a cup of hot chocolate,
    someone to snuggle with, just watching the snow fall … that glass room almost
    forces you to sit down, relax and appreciate the world around you.

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