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I’ve been living in denial that I have an ugly bathroom. Sadly, the prettiest thing in there is the retro-print Kleenex box. As a renter, I’m stuck with the unfortunate-looking countertop, linoleum flooring and cabinetry. Instead, I’ve focused my decorating energy on every other room in my apartment. But someday soon, I hope to own a home, and I’m already scooping out cool vanity ideas on HGTV’s Fast Fix Bathrooms.

Whether you want to dedicate an entire weekend or just an afternoon, there’s plenty of stylish updates to fit your look and schedule. Each project features an handy materials list and step-by-step instructions with photos to help you complete it with ease.

Design Happens featured blogger Brian Patrick Flynn shares some drool-worthy bathroom projects that I’m dying to try. This wallpapered vanity can be completed in half a day and looks so chic and modern with the textured exterior and door pulls.

And check out what a fresh coat of paint and door knockers can do for a boring bathroom vanity. I totally love this modern and luxurious melon-hued beauty. Plus, you probably already have most of the materials (paintbrush, drill, screwdriver) sitting in your garage!

If you already have a gorgeous vanity, and you have a free weekend, why not give your bathroom a stylish entrance. This door update is clean and bold.

And head over to HGTV MarketPlace for some new accessories to match your new bathroom.

Time to grab that paintbrush and get to work!

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