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Are you as sick of the snow as we are? Well, grab your favorite blanket, curl up on the couch and join us on facebook.com/HGTV for a Snow Day Viewing Party. We’re talking design, telling our favorite snow-day stories and sharing snow-day pics (like this one from Facebooker Barbara Adams Graham).

Here’s what we’re watching and chatting about:

4p/3c – Million Dollar Rooms
5p/4c – Cash and Cari
6p/5c – Holmes Inspection
7p/6c – House Hunters
8p/7c – RV 2011

And tell us…are you a snow nester (cocoa on the couch), a snow warrior (skiing or snow boarding) or a snow kid (building a snow man and making snow angels)?


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5 Responses

  1. Courtney C. says:

    Snow-Nester! Hot cocoa and HGTV all the way!

  2. sharnshar says:

    Oh a snow nester master! Turn off all distractions, and just stare at the beautiful snow flakes swirling down and around. Don't forget to put bird seed and lard cakes out for our forest friends, they need the energy to stay warm. Their beauty will reward you in so many ways. I have my crocheted afghan (in progress) on my lap and love the feel of the yarn racing through my fingers. The bread machine is timed to go off in 1 hour and the slow cooker has the veggie chili spreading it's lovely aroma all over the house. Soon the bread will win the aroma game! My most favorite…a hot mug of mint tea. Life simply, is good. Shar

  3. pixelecho69 says:

    I'm a snow warrior you have to enjoy all seasons go outside and have the best time ever then go home and enjoy a cup of cocoa.

  4. darlenedavis2 says:

    We recently viewed the episode of Cash and Cari that aired on 1/25/12 and the Schwinn Green 10 speed bike she supposed restored for her own was not the end product Green Schwinn she was riding stating she had waited all her life for did anyone note that? I do hope the show doesn't exaggerate or misrepresent other items that would not be honest entertainment What does the editor of show have to say?

    A repeat viewer

  5. how stupid… he shorts out the batteries first of all, second of all, remote controllers are WIRELESS TRANSMITTERS(NOT RECEIVERS) that TRANSMIT IR signals. (LIGHT PULSES) not radio frequencies. you’d have better luck putting a microwave on a long pole attached to a speaker. Damn, you have one hell of an imagination… failed science class didn’t you…

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