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What I call “National Love/Lust Day” is just one month away. And while plenty of people dread Feb. 14th, I’m not ashamed to say I LUV IT…now. As a child, I was completely traumatized by forced elementary school participation in Valentine’s Day. Decorating a shoebox with a slit at the top. Watching with feigned excitement as classmates slipped cards into the box. I would get a valentine from my crush saying, “I’m bananas over you!” Was he really, or did five other girls get the same card? The agony and the ecstasy. Fortunately, I’ve reclaimed my passion for Valentine’s Day through the power of crafts, and so can you. This year, get into the spirit with these fun, DIY projects sure to please loved ones of all ages.

HGTV: Easy Valentine’s Day Projects

Craftaholics Anonymous

Eat Drink Chic

Felt Sew Good


Ameroonie Designs

HGTV: What To Do This Valentine’s Day

Don’t have time for crafts? Searching for the perfect gift for that special someone? Look no further than these handmade items on Etsy.com.

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  1. Maria says:

    Wow! This Thai bedroom is beautiful… it's clean and zen. Just imagine resting peacefully in this space. Wood is better for you anyway… it's better for allergies and there really is very little maintenance. My entire bedroom is smaller than the bed area. Very nice.^_^

  2. pixelecho69 says:

    This is something that is up my ally I love art's and craft's and specially the ones that me and my kids could make great job you guy's

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