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Sometimes I long for the days of glamorous vanities with jewelry boxes organized just so.

Jewelry ornganizer

Short of being able to turn the clock back to more luxurious times, we can at least attempt to organize our (faux) jewels more beautifully. Liz Stanley of Say Yes to Hoboken made this necklace holder from a thrift store frame and knobs from Anthropologie. Much prettier than my own push-pin-in-the-wall technique.

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  2. pixelecho69 says:

    I have to try this, one quick trip to home depot and to the thrift stores and I am good how beautiful is this perfect for my kids room.

    • Lili@HGTV says:

      Isn't it great? I have an empty frame like that sitting around that's just screaming for me to turn it into one of these.

  3. mrsajw says:

    Oh my goodness!! Love this idea! I Inherited some old ornate frames from a family member. I'm not sure who the people are in the picture but I loved the frames. Will definately have to try this one. I love the Anthropology knobs! Just hope the people in the old pictures don't come haunt me for removing their pics from the frames! Hehehehe! :)

  4. Anna@HGTV says:

    Lili, do you think something other than peg board could be used? I like it painted yellow in the pic. Trying to think of something even more elegant, though…

  5. doğal taş says:

    but I loved the frames. Will definately have to try this one. I love the Anthropology knobs! Just hope the people in the old pictures d

  6. Mary Davis says:

    I already have a jewlery box for when I am at home, but I ordered this jewlery travel case that is so useful and keeps all my jewlery together when im on trips: http://www.greatusefulstuff.com/Glam-Jewelry-Trav

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  8. mermer says:

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