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For the first episode of Design Star Dan Faires’ online show, DanMade, he shows how to create a high-end upholstered headboard without breaking the bank.


All you need: plywood, a painter’s canvas and some carpet tacks.

Get the step-by-step instructions. Also, check in next Monday for another DanMade project.

99 Responses

  1. Leslie Joliet says:

    Loved this headboard! Thanks for including both the video and the written instructions. Both were very helpful. I read the instructions first but then watched the video and it made it very clear how to make the headboard. I've been looking for something like this for my bedroom.

  2. J. Fornell says:

    Why in the world is HGTV going away from what it made it a hit!! NOT selling homes or real estate but decorating and how to do it from painting walls to furniture, making headboards to furniture??? Please enough of your marathons on selling NEW YORK not too many people millions of dollars so why do I want to watch crying real estate agents cause they can't sell a 3 million dollar apartment!!! Then on top of it your changing great shows that were winners and it's not as good as it was! Like Color Splash and Divine Design !!! Very disappointed!

  3. Julie says:

    Nicely shot! My guess; A Canon 7D was used. and yep, Dan is nice on the eyes. Hope his next project is a little more original.

  4. Carol says:

    I agree with the above posts that there is TOO MUCH house selling on HGTV anymore. Fewer people are in the housing market than ever before, and yet we're inundated with these shows! How about more of Candice Olson and David Bromstad-type shows!

  5. Melanie says:

    Wow. I'm glad to hear the same sentiments I've had lately about HGTV. I'm in interior design school and just love shows that fuel my imagination and inspire me! Please, please, HGTV go back to the original format with decorating and how-to shows. I'm am truly sick of House Hunters, House Hunters International, Selling New York, etc….

  6. The show I loved was the one where they replicated a high priced look for a fraction of the cost, and often, the more reasonably priced room was nicer to look at and probably easier for daily living. I, too, am tired of real estate virgins and house hunters! I want to see makeovers and even some start from scratch rooms! I'd love to see things on a realistic budget as well!

  7. HGTVlover says:

    HGTV are you listening?????? DItto times 1,000 for all the above comments regarding wanting to see DESIGN shows on the network. I do believe more watchers already own homes than those who are house hunting. And us owners need DESIGN advice and ideas!

  8. Connie Cavender says:

    I am with most of the group….HGTV at one time was about all I watched, until they got away from the design advice and ideas. All those house hunting shows are not for me, so I turn off the channel.

  9. alisa sher says:

    Finally something useful from HGTV. Something that inspires to create, define, repurpose, useful, all on a budget. Please HGTV no more real estate shows. That is so yesterday. We need more shows that help inspire us to define our spaces that are useful, and enjoyable. So much more talent out there. HGTV just needs to be creative and find those individuals. They are taking the easy way out by placing useless programming on. I don't give a crap about who moves where and how much they paid for their home. Might as well start calling it the Real Estate Channel.

  10. Loved the video and Dan was very good with his explanation. I will be using this to help my daughter in law make her headboard! Thank you! Hope to see lots more of these!

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