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The Obama Administration announced yesterday that it’s ditching the color-coded terror alert system that was put in place after Sept. 11. Instead it’s going to a two-tiered system that’s supposed to be more concise and (probably) scarier than stoplight colors ever hoped to be.

Homeland Security Terror Alert System

Which made me wonder…what will happen to those poor colors, now that they’re out of a job?

How about sending them to Designers’ Portfolio, where they’ll be in good company? Herewith, our favorite red/gold/yellow/blue/green rooms:

Greta Goss Dining RoomOkay, so the room’s not red, but don’t you just love those little stools? Design by Greta Goss

Candice Olson BasementI’ve always loved this Candice Olson basement because it just doesn’t look like a basement. And the gold couch? Warm and inviting. That retired gold terror color would fit right in!

Alia Meyer KitchenThere’s no sweeter color for a kitchen than sunny yellow—but Alia Meyer puts a disco spin on it in this contemporary kitchen packed with quartz and glittery chandeliers.

Sue Adams BedroomI must be feeling traditional today…or maybe I just haven’t caught up on my sleep after the all-night party that is the Alt Summit. Whatever. The cloud-of-a-bed in this Sue Adams bedroom makes me want to crawl in and take a nap. And maybe paint my own bedroom that soothing shade of blue.

Celia BerlinerOkay, now I’m awake! Can you imagine getting ready for work in this apple-green bathroom? You wouldn’t even need your espresso. Design by Celia Berliner


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5 Responses

  1. pixelecho69 says:

    OH my G. that is a green bathroom ( I like green don't get me wrong ) but that's a lot of color in one room
    and the blue bedroom you have in this picture I would do anything to wake up every morning in it ! wow !
    its so calming and relaxing, it would make me feel like a thousand bucks every morning.

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  3. RosaleeZammuto says:

    I love the lead into the article. I feel color should be left to designers of all kinds.

  4. elizabethlinn says:

    Candice is always spot on! I love that basement. Although I like the color of the green bathroom, that is a huge commitment! I admire the homeowner who can take that risk.

  5. HGTV_Kelley says:

    Is that not, like, the greenest. bathroom. ever? I love the sleek lines and apple green is one of my all-time fave colors, so that combo makes me happy. But to live with? The blue bedroom, hands down.

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