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Nothing says “I Love You” for Valentine’s Day like surprising your sweetie. Take a page from Casanova’s book and decorate your bedroom, bathroom and a romantic dinner table for two with rose petals. We’ve got an order of 6,000 fresh rose petals from farm-direct florist, FiftyFlowers.com to make all of your Valentine’s Day dreams come true.

Fresh Rose Petals

One winner will receive an order of 6,000 Fresh Rose Petals in mixed colors, so answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Jan. 31 to be entered into the drawing. We’ll ship it out ASAP, so you can create a romantic chamber worthy of the world’s greatest lover himself. The petals will stay fresh for up to 6 weeks when refrigerated.

This week’s question: Are you a DIY, handmade cupid or are your Valentine’s Days always store-bought perfection?

Click for official rules.

Special thanks to Brittany Hodgins Photography for capturing these images.


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147 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    I like to do both and mix it up a little. I surely like adding my own touch to things whether I make it or buy it. It would be awesome to have all the rose petals to add to the lovely day.

  2. Lisa says:

    I have an inner DIY DIVA just dying to emerge! I see all the lovely handmade items created by others (which are always amazing and hands-down better than the mass-produced boring items) but never seem to find the time to execute on my own. Hey, that's a late-bloomed new-year's resolution: "FIND MORE TIME FOR THE DIY DIVA IN ME TO EMERGE." Why not start with Valentine's Day creations? Sounds good to me. :)

  3. Lisa G. says:

    Cut out sugar cookies with pretty sprinkles always makes my family smile on Valentine's Day. I love you from the heart and hands is always best! Rock on DIY!

  4. Nancy says:

    I am DEFINATELY a DIY valentine. My mom has always done my Valentines when I was a child and I loved the look of them. So now, every year on Valentines we spend a month or so before the holiday looking all over for adorable, sparkly and lovey dovey things to put on our Valentine cards. We search all over Ebay and Vintage or Antique stores for old Valentine cards and go to about every craft store in the city! It's always tons of fun finding things to decorate with and giving genuine cards to your sweetheart.

  5. Danni says:

    DIYer to the fullest! :-)

  6. Elise says:

    DIY dinner, cards and gifts. I think it adds a personal touch that store bought gifts just don't have.

  7. hutj22 says:

    Diy all the way!!! This would be huuuge.

  8. Emily says:

    I'm a mix of all – DIY is sweet… but only when they turn out! :)

  9. Ashley says:

    I'm a DIY for dinner and a card, but there are some things that I am not capable of making (I bought my darling husband a video game. If I could make that, I would… but I think it's a bit out of my league. LOL)

  10. AG1 says:

    A little of both…. dinner homemade, gift bought

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