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Nothing says “I Love You” for Valentine’s Day like surprising your sweetie. Take a page from Casanova’s book and decorate your bedroom, bathroom and a romantic dinner table for two with rose petals. We’ve got an order of 6,000 fresh rose petals from farm-direct florist, FiftyFlowers.com to make all of your Valentine’s Day dreams come true.

Fresh Rose Petals

One winner will receive an order of 6,000 Fresh Rose Petals in mixed colors, so answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Jan. 31 to be entered into the drawing. We’ll ship it out ASAP, so you can create a romantic chamber worthy of the world’s greatest lover himself. The petals will stay fresh for up to 6 weeks when refrigerated.

This week’s question: Are you a DIY, handmade cupid or are your Valentine’s Days always store-bought perfection?

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Special thanks to Brittany Hodgins Photography for capturing these images.


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147 Responses

  1. courtney says:

    DIY!! We always cook a nice dinner and stay in for Valentines day..

  2. jessica anger says:

    DIYer definetly!

  3. Holly says:

    I'm a little bit of both.

  4. Rachel says:

    I am a DIY, handmade cupid! I've always been in love with the idea of creating things by hand – it has more sentimental value that way! This year I'm creating my own collage video of our wedding photos along with a "date of the month" membership gift for my husband! Why go store bought when you can put your heart into something handmade?

  5. syjohni says:

    Felt and craft paper all the way!

  6. Melissa M. says:

    I like to DIY gifts for my loved ones, it makes it so much more special and memorable.

  7. I like to make the treats, the card and the decorations but I leave the dinner to the professionals. DIY dinner is not as lovely from a terrible cook.

  8. Teresa says:

    Diy since we are always broke, but I don't usually get anything, since ge us always broke too and doesn't think about doing it himself ;)

  9. Teri Allgaier says:

    DIY – and I try to make special meals for Valentine's Day for my family.

  10. Vesta Sterrenchock says:

    Glitter is my favorite thing… home made Valentines, hearts with red glitter! I am also working on a special one of a birch grove in winter, some of the snowflakes will be red glitter. My husbands mom just past away 2 weeks ago, and she loved birch groves, so i am making a special Valentine for him and his siblings this year.

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