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Nothing says “I Love You” for Valentine’s Day like surprising your sweetie. Take a page from Casanova’s book and decorate your bedroom, bathroom and a romantic dinner table for two with rose petals. We’ve got an order of 6,000 fresh rose petals from farm-direct florist, FiftyFlowers.com to make all of your Valentine’s Day dreams come true.

Fresh Rose Petals

One winner will receive an order of 6,000 Fresh Rose Petals in mixed colors, so answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Jan. 31 to be entered into the drawing. We’ll ship it out ASAP, so you can create a romantic chamber worthy of the world’s greatest lover himself. The petals will stay fresh for up to 6 weeks when refrigerated.

This week’s question: Are you a DIY, handmade cupid or are your Valentine’s Days always store-bought perfection?

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Special thanks to Brittany Hodgins Photography for capturing these images.


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147 Responses

  1. cindi lakes says:

    I'm a DIY diva! Cards and sweets! It's so much more fun to give and I hope to receive;0)

  2. LDP2011 says:

    Since I could remember I was always making homemade cards, cookies, cakes for either a holiday, someone special, birthdays, etc. I am a HUGE supporter of the DIY. Nothing says 'I Love You' to friends, family, someone special than taking the time to make them something from the heart. My boyfriend and I have been together for five years and every holiday, birthday I have made him a card. His Valentine's 'cards' 'days' are always out of the box…every year I come up with something different. So this year I have something special brewing. =) Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!! ;)

  3. Cherri Westbrook says:

    I think handmade valentines are so special and you can individualize them so they are special for each of your valentines. In the past 3 years I have made handmade cards for my sweetie of 37 years. (We've been a couple since I was 13 and he was 15) but my boys and I made lots of homemade cards as they were growing up. I also teach kindergarten and I love having my five year olds make cards for each other. When you have 22 – 25 kids and they all make that many valentines you can imagine what our room looks like! The room sparkles from ceiling to floor. Valentines day is all about showing and sharing your love for others~I can't think of a more special way than rolling up your sleeves and jumping into a jar of glitter!! :)

  4. gbphipps says:

    I am a definite DIY girl. My gifts are from the heart and my head and hands.

  5. Adrienne says:

    I am a diy queen! Enjoy making things. The flowers do come from the store.

  6. nancy says:

    I do a mixture of bought and made-depending on how much time I have

  7. Joanne Deschenes says:

    I do whatever my heart pulls me to…. I remember giving my husband a circular saw one valentines day. I like to make things when I can…. I like to try new things….

  8. Ottyr says:

    Definitely DIY – typically handcrafted Valentine's cards created in multiple dimensions with shadow boxes that now decorate sections of our home. There's nothing better than a truly one-of-a-kind gift. The only downside is that it causes jealousy among the wives in our circle of friends amd sometimes contempt from the husbands who couldn't craft their way out of a wet paper bag laying on it's side while holding a newly sharpened pair of Fiskars in one hand and a map in the other. Beyond the love my husband feels when receiving these, he's filled with pride in showing them off – amd that's priceless.

  9. Vee says:

    I am making my Valentine's Day cards this year and they are turning out great! I've never made homemade cards before but I think I have a new hobby. :-) They have always been store bought in the past.

  10. Pat Marlow says:

    DIY- of course! I love to make gifts personal- it adds more meaning to them.

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