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It’s two days into February, and I’m already craving spring flowers, springtime decor and tons of sunshine. Fortunately, the weather prognosticating groundhog Punxsutawney Phil and his Southern comrade General Beau Lee, with the help of their fickle shadows, have declared we’ll be enjoying an early spring!

Groundhog Winter Spring

Thank goodness! Especially for those in the path of this colossal storm. So, get your spring fever on with five of my favorite spring blooms and colorful rooms.

Spring Tulips Orange Kitchen Celia Berliner

Nothing says “Hello spring!” quite like a vibrant shade of orange, especially in the kitchen. I would love to sit back and enjoy those mimosas while gazing upon a vase filled with these variegated tulips. Design by Celia Berliner

Spring Flower Daffodil Yellow Bedroom

Don’t you just love this daffodil-inspired bedroom? The yellow accents make a bold and playful statement. The gray-toned walls and white linens provide a calming element while still letting the eye-catching hue grab all the attention. Design by Rate My Space user switchedonaudrey

Spring Flower Snowdrop White Living Room Troy Beasley

There’s something seriously appealing and vibrant about an all-white space with hints of green. The white walls, floors, ceiling and furnishings in this living room invite in tons of natural light. Reminds me of this spring bloomer, the snowdrop. Design by Troy Beasley

Spring Flower Crocus Purple Bedroom

I love the color combo of this chic bedroom — chocolate brown, silver, pink and of course, our dear friend purple. Taking a cue from the spring crocus, this bedroom alternates between deep shades of aubergine and sweet tones of periwinkle, making this space to die for. Design by Rate My Space user Smoodgie

Spring Flower Azalea Pink Dining Room Decor

There’s nothing soft and innocent about the use of pink in this Soho dining room. Mimicking vibrant azaleas, the black and white color scheme is spiced up with a hot pink dining bench and matching artwork. Sassy! Design by Rate My Space user hwidesign

5 Responses

  1. pixelecho69 says:

    Feb 2 groundhog day ! time does fly, but I am so happy that our prognosticating critter friend said early spring this year. Time to bring some flowers into our homes ( vibrant daffodils, periwinkles, violets and roses)

  2. Rick Brown says:

    I enjoy The Outdoor Room and highly recommend it as you can see here http://www.floridafriendlyplants.com/Blog/post/20

  3. Patricia Griswold says:

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    Patty Griswold

  4. [...] got spring fever – bad. Ever since Groundhog Day. Now that the sun is making a comeback and it’s not dark when I leave work, I’m ready [...]

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