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It’s blizzarding outside, so let’s sneak under the covers, shall we? Remember when I introduced you all to my dream bedding plans? Well. Consider the dream a reality:

Our bed looks cozy, yes? And although we have quite a bit of work to do (namely those bare walls that are begging for some serious artwork), it’s progress indeed. Especially considering everything we’ve checked off our list since we first introduced the space in December:

  1. Thrift, purchase and install a barn door for entrance to the master bath suite.
  2. Carpet, carpet, carpet! (We chose these chic little FLOR tiles and can’t wait to install them!) CHECK!
  3. Trim out window and floor boards. CHECK!
  4. Build custom, built-in closet. CHECK! (More on this later…)
  5. Choose and hang statement pendant (I’m leaning toward this pretty pendant — what do you guys think?). CHECK!
  6. Decorate away!

Serious progress!  And to show you how much work we’ve got ahead of us, here’s a bit of a list:

  1. Barn door. We’ll be installing a rustic barn door as an entrance into the master bath suite. We’ll need to source (or build?) this and install away!
  2. Custom closet. You’re in for a treat on this one. We stumbled upon a company called ORG to build our custom storage solution, and they’re as sustainable as they are friendly. So excited about this one! More to come…
  3. Artwork. I don’t sit well with blank walls and would love to craft a massive typographic installation of my favorite Plato quote over the wall. Similar to this? Or, you know, I could surprise you and change the entire game plan. Never know with me.
  4. Lighting. I’m still really leaning toward  hanging this Norwegian Forest Light, but will have to see it in the space first. It’s massive, which might compete too much with that beautiful ceiling. We shall see! Either way, it’s purchased and going somewhere in my home. I just loved it too much to pass up!
  5. End Tables. I’m at a loss with the end tables, as part of me wants to install a custom shelf and leave it at that. The more storage I give myself, the more I fill it (don’t we all do that?), so I’m tempted to keep the look clean and airy.
  6. Headboard? Still not sure about a headboard, as well. Maybe we’ll craft a refined rustic headboard like sweet Dan?

We’re getting there! Stay tuned next week for a peek at our custom concrete fireplace mantle (hint: it’s gorgeous!)!


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  1. kirsey says:

    I am not a white on white person myself, but love people who are willing to go with it. I can't wait to see what light fixture and end table you go with. We also just put down some FLOR pieces in our new nursery, aren't they the BEST!?! Love the progress, look forward to Wednesdays!

  2. erin / dfm says:

    Thanks, Kirsey — and yes! I'm so loving FLOR tiles!

    It's funny; we really weren't sure about the white on white, but we've got dogs, so figured bleach-able is best!

  3. pixelecho69 says:

    Erin I know that what ever you chose for your decoration you are going to do a great job I love white my kitchen has a lot of it I can't wait to see it all finish you guy's have worked so hard on it.

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  5. Jesse says:

    White carpet, berber especially, actually cleans up very well. Erin, don't use bleach on any color carpet, as it will cause damage to the fibers and carpet backing.
    <a href="http://www.ProCleanSTL.com” target=”_blank”>www.ProCleanSTL.com

  6. kelsey says:

    CAN'T HARDLY WAIT to see the barn door. Eek!

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