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After the instant identification of the escargot tongs last year, I thought this week’s “What the…?” would be a cinch. Pixie W., you came the closest. Mighty darn close.

It’s a hard-to-find French silver manche à gigot. Serious gourmets use this utensil to hold and turn a leg of lamb or mutton while carving it. The clamp is tightened around the bone. (A manche à cotelette is used for smaller birds like Cornish hens.)

Feeling hungry? Check out these delectable recipes for leg of lamb from Food Network.

And check back next week for more “What the…?”


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  1. haleyj24 says:

    i hope to win the dream home now more then ever i lossed my plase bc the owner wonted to sell :( it crushed my 6 year old i also have a 9 month old shes the strong one lol.. but what really hurt me was my lil girl tolled my mom maby now mommy will win the dream home so sweet… but its just that a dream so who ever win's the dream home fingers crossed its me but if not who ever wins its its ment to be good luck everone.

  2. pixelecho69 says:

    Oh no ! Anna you make it so hard for us, but this one was not even close for me ! you are good !

  3. I’m not truly exceptional with English but I line up this actually easygoing to comprehend .

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