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Some folks give Valentine’s Day a bad rap. Negative Nancys spout off that it’s just an excuse for blah, blah, blah. Well, that’s no fun! Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to show someone in your life how much they mean to you. A parent, best friend or mentor. (Or the people in our daily lives we take for granted — your neighbor, grocery store checkout clerk, bus driver or postal carrier.)

Valentine's Day gift ideas

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This week’s question: What was the best Valentine’s Day you ever had? Don’t spare any details! (But keep it PG.)

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104 Responses

  1. LSCR says:

    My husband got me a flame weeder one year–i.e., a long wand that attaches to the end of a butane torch to blast your weeds to kingdom come. It sounds like a strange gift to most people, but I'd been obsessed with the idea for six years, and was so excited!

  2. AllieKat says:

    The best Valentine's Day I ever had was last year. My husband was working (fine dining, so it's a very busy night for him), and I was just so tired of pretending that Valentine's was no big deal. I decided to go out to dinner with our son. He was just five and we both got dressed up. He was such a sweet little gentleman and we had a great time!

  3. Lisa L says:

    My best Valentine's Day…a couple years ago, when I was working full time and taking graduate classes as a full time student, I barely had time to do anything other than work, study, and sleep. My boyfriend (now husband) wanted to do something with me, but I had to work and couldn't miss class since I had an exam that night…and I was going to cram like crazy during my lunch break.

    Anyhow, he hold me that he just wanted to spend 5 minutes with me so that he can at least say "Happy Valentine's Day" to me in person. So I said, "OK…you can stop by when I take my lunch break". He picked me up and drove us to a park down the street…knowing that I had to study, he picked up a Quizno's sandwich for me because he knew I wasn't really going to be eating and gave me a little CareBear stuffed animal and told me how much he cared about me.

  4. beyond says:

    The first Valentine I had with my now husband was the best. All we did was walk around the city at night holding hands. Just being together was perfection.

  5. Angie says:

    One year in college, I didn't have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day. My little brother knew I was a little down and out and left some cute pink flowers in my car to cheer me up. It was a good reminder that Valentines Day isn't just a celebration of romantic love–but of family and friendship love too.

  6. hhung1 says:

    The best Valentines day I ever had was when I was in Kindergarten, the teacher let us do crafts. I made my mom a red heart card and colored it with love. It was beautiful.

    I brought it home to my mom and she loved it so much that she taped it on the wall in my parent's restaurant for all the customers to see. All the customers thought it was great as well!

  7. vstark says:

    I try to make Valentine's Day gifts about us spending more time together. This year is likely to be the best ever, as we've just bought our first home and will be spending a lot of time figuring out what colors to paint, what furniture to buy, etc. Best of all, even though I hadn't said one negative thing about the (UGLY) kitchen, he asked if I wanted to remodel it! Yes, yes, I do!

  8. SweetLiz says:

    My fondest memory of Valentine's Day was of my dad bringing a BIG heart shaped box of chocolates for my mom and small heart shaped boxes for my sister and me. This had to have been when I was about 5 or 6 years old (before the rest of my seven siblings were born).

  9. Kati says:

    The next one will be my favorite.

  10. Jeanne says:

    My BEST Valentine's Day was last year – my girls (2 and 4) and I spent the day with my grandparents, who were both 94. Everyone was SO happy to be together. My grandparents looked at my girls with SO much love. It was a WONDERFUL day. My grandparents both passed away last year – in August and November. They were married 70 years – and provided an excellent example of love. I am SO thankful we all got to spend Valentine's Day together last year – and will remember that day always!

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