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Mix-and-match dinnerware is all the rage these days. This less-than-formal approach keeps entertaining fresh and personal with endless combinations of modern, vintage, colorful, patterned and plain pieces. I personally love the look of classic white plates mixed with funky flea market cups, chargers and servingware.

No surprise, I love the woodland-themed Rosanna Teapot Boho from Organize.com. Imagine the possibilities this porcelain teapot could afford mingled with Christmas china, vintage treasures or graphic melamine designs. You know you want it, so answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, February 14, to be entered.

This week’s question: When guests come for brunch or dinner, are your tablescapes mix-and-match eclectic or off-the-shelf coordinated?

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205 Responses

  1. @millerrl says:

    considering I am a college student it is definitely mix and match since I use whatever (it isn't very pretty). I guess you call it eclectic…

  2. Emily says:

    It depends on how many people come over and what season it is:) I have a simple set of 6 for anytime use, a set of 4 holiday dishes, and then a few other in between. I usually have an eclectic assortment of serving dishes set on the table so that ties in well with the simple dishes.

  3. HelloChris1 says:

    During holidays and special occasions like birthdays we polish the silver and set out the china and crystal. Summertime outdoor parties call for our unbreakable pewter dinnerware; but we still use glass stemware. (I've found that drinking tea from a porcelain teacup is a much more enjoyable experience than sipping from a ceramic mug).

  4. Karan says:

    When I invite friends over, I tend to use the dishes that are clean.

  5. @kitzjohnson says:

    I like to do things differently, so the mix and match thing kind of fits my personality. It's a shame I don't have more cupboard space to put all the things I'd like to have. :)

    • PFG says:

      There's hope for someday…no hardened rules as that's no fun & I have to agree with that totally. It's all about personality & owning what we do have as things change. What we like presently & about being ourselves. It's all about confidence, self-esteem, having a great time & about making it fun, yep! yep! B)

  6. mtb says:

    ALWAYS eclectic so always different. But I always try to mix in a bee somewhere.

  7. Dot says:

    My plates are all the same but definitely the rest of the table is eclectic…from plastic bowls to antique crystal salt and pepper shakers! I don't think it's pretty at all.

  8. Amy PureHome says:

    Off the shelf matching – the OCD in me won't let the mix and match happen no matter how cute I think it is when I see my friends pull it off!

  9. arleigh Heagany says:

    I have mismatched white plates as a base and have several sets of colorful salad plates to coordinate. I have Rosanna's Boho salad plates that go with the teapot you are offering.

  10. PFG says:

    Absolutely on all counts…I have always loved fine lovely unique things that are so breakable. Love the large fine china pieces that exudes a lovely pattern in either old or new. Uses can be with with or without a pattern with main or accents. Never just one way, & all depending on affair or mood. There nothing better than having plenty on hand & I just love being able to mix it up with a coordinating theme, but with color in my moods with patterns, plain or just a hint of color or patterns…loud, simple, but it's all pleasing. It's about time manufactures are doing this better in fine china and for some once again, woo hoo! <3

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