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I’ve come to the conclusion that absolutely no bedroom is complete without a headboard. It’s true! Imagine your dream bedroom. I’m certain a gorgeous headboard makes a bold and eye-catching appearance in it. With Valentine’s Day a mere three days away, I’ve been doing some heavy daydreaming about my perfect headboard and bedroom. Tufted? Velvet (oh la la)? Sweet rustic shutters like the one from my DIY headboards post? The possibilities are endless. Here are my top six (yes, six – I couldn’t just stop at five) contenders from HGTV.com’s new guide to all things headboards. What’s your favorite?

DIY Headboard Ideas Sarah Richardson

Headboards Bedroom Candice OlsonHGTV: Headboard Ideas From Our Favorite Designers

DIY Rustic HeadboardsHGTV: 12 Creative Headboards

Headboard Bedroom Erinn ValencichHGTV: Headboard Ideas: Tuft Love

Bedroom Industrial HeadboardHGTV: Budget-Friendly Headboards

DIY Headboard Bedroom Erinn ValencichHGTV: How to Upholster a No-Sew Headboard

Contestant #3 has totally won my heart. I love the weathered doors paired with soft, white linens and an antique crystal chandelier. Now that‘s romantic.

We have plenty of inspiration, ideas and how-tos so you can finally create your dream bedroom, starting with the bed. We’re talking pictures galore!

And get ready for Valentine’s Day loving with these romantic bedrooms.

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  2. jean says:

    Any headboard can be painted on wall with pillows and all the trim if you are talented and paint with dimention.

  3. fxgeorges says:

    WOW,This design is pretty cool and will save a lot of my time.Thanks : )

  4. pixelecho69 says:

    They are all spectacular very chic cheap and pretty to come home to and relax in such a beautiful scenario.

  5. [...] shares a collection of DIY designer headboards that will inspire you to add a touch of romance to your [...]

  6. RGG says:

    Where are the designers we love Sarah,David and Candace?

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