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As gorgeous as our master suite is turning out to be, we’re seriously lacking in storage. And although I’d love to house dozens of beautiful dresses in a vintage apothecary cabinet (or proudly proclaim any of these stellar closets), our storage needs are too large for your average closet. I know, I know. Time to clean out the closet then, right?

[Image: HGTV.com]

Wrong. Instead, we hired out a few folks that are much more suitable for organization and storage issues than we. Enter, ORG. I was first turned on to ORG when I found out their solutions were 100% customizable and super sustainable, which is always a plus in our book. And after further researching their endless options of storage solutions, we were smitten.

So, Ken and I got to work drawing a plan to turn that empty space above into a bright, white closet and invited a local ORG dealer over to measure the dimensions properly. Along the way, we came up with our own set of tools and tips for planning an optimal storage space:

  1. Take stock, add 10%.
    Ken and I measured our current closets (which are teeny tiny!) and added approximately 10% of desired space to the numbers. I like ample space between my hangers for a clean, clutter-free aesthetic and a bit of extra space is always a plus.
  2. Consider seasonal items.
    Here in the midwest, it’s nearly impossible to boast a minimalist wardrobe. Mittens, hats, scarves in the winter and flip flips, swimsuits and beach cover-ups certainly add to storage needs and can pile up fast. We choose to store our seasonal items in a separate room (who needs to stare at their bikini in December anyway?), leaving plenty of room for current accessories that are in a more frequent rotation.
  3. Plan shelves accordingly.
    Building a custom closet means you can get as creative as you’d like. To make sure we were using our space in the most efficient way possible, we measured my tallest heels and highest boots, creating cubbies that would ensure each pair would fit properly. In the same vein, be sure your most frequent items are at eye level and everything is in reach. If your favorite vintage handbag requires you dragging a dining room chair into your closet to retrieve it, you’ll never see it again. Trust me (and my grandmother’s 1940′s tapestry clutch that currently sits high on a shelf, gathering dust).
  4. Utilize wall space.
    Racks, pegs and bars are an organizational dream. I often hang my scarves and jewelry on hooks for each closet door. Bonus? A lovely art installation awaits me every time I swing open the door!

So, with the above in mind, Ken and I drafted a basic mock-up to our ORG friends to see what they could pull off for our space. We included a vanity for me, because I always wanted one as a child. Something seems so glamorous about applying your make-up while sitting down, yes?

Here’s what we came up with:

And our ORG friends simply ran with the idea. Today, we received the following rendering with a complete organizational plan!:

Above: We chose their Forterra line of materials, which is technologically-advanced and sustainable (and beautiful, which is always a plus!).

Unbelievable, yes? Ken and I couldn’t be more excited. We made a few changes on the spot, so our completed rendering will differ ever so slightly. And although we’re a firm believer in a good DIY project, we also believe that, sometimes, you’ve gotta sit back and let the pros to their jobs.

Stay tuned for the big reveal in a few weeks; construction will start next week and the entire process takes just a few days. Amazing!


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