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The laws of physics inform the function of this wooden contraption. What is it?

what the...?

Give us your best guess, and be sure to check back tomorrow for the answer.


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30 Responses

  1. Laura Rennie says:

    I think it's a toilet paper holder.

  2. Laura Rennie says:

    though it does look short…

  3. Earl Mosley says:

    Baby thing was taken, what about a file keeper ?.

  4. JMM says:

    One good thing about waiting is you can see all the possibilites, cradle sounds good to me.

  5. dominique says:

    Rolling clothes rack

  6. Amy PureHome says:

    Absolutely no idea! I can only see the baby cradle because everyone else mentioned it – otherwise that would have never crossed my mind. But, it does seem like a viable answer!

  7. pamelamosley says:

    File cabinet?

  8. ShastaStory says:

    Swiveling TV Tray

  9. Hilary A. Johnson says:

    I definitely agree. It looks like an old-timey cradle.

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