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Love the look of a vessel sink in the bathroom? A top-mounted, sculptural sink gives any bathroom the designer treatment. To me, adding a piece like this one from Modernbathroom.com to a bathroom vanity is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to makeover a washroom.

Glass Vessel Sink


We want to help transform one bathroom by giving away this glass vessel sink from Modernbathroom.com. Answer this week’s question by 12/11c Monday, February 21, to be entered.

This week’s question: What is more in need of a remodeling and why – your master bath, guest bathroom or kids’ bath?

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233 Responses

  1. Melody H. says:

    Our sky blue fixtured bathroom is screaming for help! We recently moved into an 80 yr old ranch style home and the previous owners have left it sitting back in the 70s. We had the window within the tub area taken out and a vented glass block window installed. But that's where it ended. We have no shower enclosure walls–the new window is covered by a random shower curtain on a tension rod to protect that outside wall. We lifted up the very soiled carpeting and now have 4 layers of (probably asbestos ridden) linoleum over a not-so-promising sub floor. Toilet, sink and tub all bright sky blue. Original medical cabinet and vanity light fixtures.

    My fiance' has a shattered shoulder injury (since 2009) and is unable to do any physical work himself. We recently pulled our families together into this house and made it a home for the two of us and our 4 (combined) children. So this bathroom gets lots of daily use. Did I mention the gorilla tape around the tub handle (no faucet) and only place shower water comes out from is the shower head?

    Please help us make this ranch our palace…and not leave us home on the sky blue range. :)
    Thanks ever so much for your consideration.

  2. Dea says:

    My guest bath and my master bath both really need it,but I plan to do the guest bath first.Hopefully some time this year! I think starting with the smaller bath is wise. Redoing the Master feels overwhelming right now! Maybe redoing the guest bath will give me confidence!

  3. Carol says:

    My bathroom is straight from the 50's and so am I, BUT, we aren't in the 50's anymore baby! Pick me please!

  4. SSawyer2005 says:

    We just moved into this house in late 2009. Our master bath, kids bath and main guest bath are one in the same. It is very 80's in style with gold, mauve and soft green diamond shaped tiles! Yuck! It is also much too small for all of us, luckily there is room to knock down a couple walls and make it bigger and better!

  5. Kathy W. says:

    My guest bath, for sure, because that is what people will see more. Kid's bath is empty and not used since they have all moved out. But really all 3 bathrooms need a major makeover because it has been 30 years since we built this house and have done no remodeling in those 30 years. Some friends of ours have this kind of sink in their guest bathroom and I envy it every time I go there.

  6. Janelle says:

    Our Master Bath. We purchased this house 13 years ago, we were young (early 20's) and didnt' know what we might have wanted in a bathroom. 13 years later, our .75 bath gets cramped in the morning with 3 kids coming in and out trying to use my hair straightner or find their brush. I personally don't use the small cramped stand up shower in this bathroom. And with no exhust fan, you must open up the window that looks straight out into the development behind us (not allot of privacy!) We have plenty of space in our bedroom to make a "proper" master bath. My only wish is to have a bathtub that will allow the water to cover my entire body! (our other bath is shallow) A soaking tub to relax after a long work week and kid chauffeur. I appreciate HGTV for having this contest! Give hope to all of us whom "NEED" a little bit of PEACE of mind!

  7. Cassy says:

    I would love to remodel our guest/kid bathroom! We purchased our house that included all the original 1979 design; including a salmon living room (walls and fluffy carpet), a pastel blue dining room, and a very interesting kitchen. We still have a lot of work to do, but our main living areas are almost complete.
    The guest/kid bathroom has been painted, but the original fixtures stand out: a full glass mirror with aluminum base that serves as a rusty medicine cabinet, an old cabinet with traditional sink (fixture updated but no hot water), original toilet and a basic tub that stretches up the wall.
    I would love to modernize the bathroom to feel like a spa! We love natural, organic design with an earthy, yet modern feel—the glass bowl would serve well resting on a slate mosaic topped cabinet with a modern water fountain that pours hot, warm and cold water. We would love to have storage for towels and toiletries; currently, we are seriously lacking.
    Thanks for the opportunity to vent about my bathroom!

  8. Beth Dudley says:

    The bath in my home that is most in need of remodeling is my master bath. My home was built in the early 1960s and it is very small, containing only a stand up shower, toilet and small sink unit. I would really like to update this room and make it more usable and interesting.

  9. Shannon says:

    Our master and hall bath together are probably 10 x 6 and the share a wall. The previous owners thought it was better to have two tiny bathrooms than one decent sized bathroom. We would like to take the wall down between them and make one nice sized bathroom accessible from the master and the hall.

  10. Anne says:

    Since we do NOT have more than one bathroom it has to be the main bath. It is a WRECK! ! We live in an old farmhouse and the bathroom is an addition, not even original to the house. There are two windows, which make ventilation good, but NO fan, and it's soooo cramped it's diffucult for two to be in there at once. Not that a makeover would fix this, but. . .
    The previous owners put up "paint-like" paneling, even around the tub, and it is starting to flake-off, go figure, without a fan. . .
    We DO have one feature we like, and that is the dresser for a vanity. When the small wall mounted sink was broken off the wall by a guest, we used this for the vanity, and a hand-me-down, faux apricot marble sink top. The glass vessel sink would look so awesome on it :)

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