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Love the look of a vessel sink in the bathroom? A top-mounted, sculptural sink gives any bathroom the designer treatment. To me, adding a piece like this one from Modernbathroom.com to a bathroom vanity is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to makeover a washroom.

Glass Vessel Sink


We want to help transform one bathroom by giving away this glass vessel sink from Modernbathroom.com. Answer this week’s question by 12/11c Monday, February 21, to be entered.

This week’s question: What is more in need of a remodeling and why – your master bath, guest bathroom or kids’ bath?

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233 Responses

  1. lsstag says:

    We just finished pulling down the horrible tropical fish wallpaper in the guest/kids bath room and are getting ready to pull out the cabinets and sink. This sink would be perfect in the new bathroom I am envisioning. With the kids grown I'm looking for a more sophisticated look.

  2. kristen says:

    Guest bath! We are having our first baby in two months, and we live a few states away from our families. We know we're going to have a lot of visitors this spring, and the guest bath is still only roughed in! I adore this vessel sink, and it would be perfect for the room!

  3. Shelley says:

    Thats a toughy!! We have 2 bathrooms, the kids' and ours. They both need to be "fixed" rather than re-done. We have to start with the kids' bathroom. The tub mostly. As I was washing it one day, I noticed that there is a crack in the tub. I told my hubby, and as he went to see what he could do to fix it, he noticed several tiney little cracks all over the bottom. Who knows how long they have been there while my kids have been using it. We have a garden tub in our bathroom, so the kids have been using that instead. The problem is, we are becoming foster parents in the next few months, and my idea was to turn my garden tub into a walk in closet for the foster children, but until we get the kids' bathroom fixed/updated, we have to wait to remove that tub, and update the rest of the bathroom.

  4. Anna Kuttner says:

    My master bath. My husband and I have been married nearly 23 years years and have always put ourselves last when it comes to decorating the house. This time is no exception. We moved into this new home about a year and a half ago after losing nearly everything. It is a nice home, very clean but very boring. It was pure white everywhere and our master bath had carpet! We did rip out the carpet ourselves when a friend said he had some extra tile we could have for free. It obviously is not the tile I would have ever picked but it is better than carpet around a toilet LOL Anyways, the baseboards are still non existent as that was not in the budget so it looks weird and is pretty drafty/dusty at times. It is a nice size bathroom and could be amazing but as of now amazing is only in our dreams. Thanks for considering us for the makeover. If picked I can promise we will be the most grateful individuals to have ever won a contest :) Also, it would be nice for something fabulous to happen after all the yuck we just went through.

    Anna Kuttner

  5. Heather says:

    My master bathroom. The wallpaper is peeling, but it was glued directly to the drywall and the ceiling is vaulted. I still don't know how I'm going to get it off! The countertop is stained and the entire vanity is way too low – and I'm short! Don't even get me started on the horrible tub/shower.

    I long for a spa-like bathroom that is my little oasis in the chaos of daily life.

  6. Evelin W. says:

    For me if would have to be either one of the two bathrooms we have. We own a 1940's home and all fixtures in the bathroom including the sink is from that era as well. It would be nice to win this glass vessel sink and start some overdue updating.

  7. Tammi Hill says:

    Guest Bathroom? We call it the multipurpose bath for this family. I do home childcare so it gets used by the daycare parents so they can freshen up and get all the days germs off of them before greeting their children. The children have their own bathroom, but I prefer to have the parents in a more adult like atmosphere when first coming off work and then cleaning up. If their kids see them first, the hands do not get washed as they are filled with their happy children greeting them. Then to top it off, my husband is a Police Officer and he works nights so, if he comes home so as to not disturb me, he will also use that restroom so as to not awaken he or our family.

  8. Chris DeLooze says:

    Both of my bathrooms need updating….I would place this in my downstairs bathroom , give it a touch of elegance to my seeashore motif.

  9. Tammi Hill says:

    So in a vessel sink aka nutshell I had to comment more… That is why it would be nice to change that multipurpose bath into someplace serene for my husband to use as well since he is in such a stressful job, I would like for my daycare parents to think of it as a place to decompress after a hard day of work and then greet their kids and I would like to escape there myself. I would decorate around the sink and make the bath spa like and serene, peaceful and a place to decompress. Thank you for your consideration and have a peaceful day. <a href="http://www.daycareresource.com/peaceofmindhomechildcare….” target=”_blank”>www.daycareresource.com/peaceofmindhomechildcare….

  10. Kristi says:

    Kids bathroom. The master is nice and could use remodeling but the kids bathroom is very very plain

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