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Love the look of a vessel sink in the bathroom? A top-mounted, sculptural sink gives any bathroom the designer treatment. To me, adding a piece like this one from Modernbathroom.com to a bathroom vanity is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to makeover a washroom.

Glass Vessel Sink


We want to help transform one bathroom by giving away this glass vessel sink from Modernbathroom.com. Answer this week’s question by 12/11c Monday, February 21, to be entered.

This week’s question: What is more in need of a remodeling and why – your master bath, guest bathroom or kids’ bath?

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233 Responses

  1. laura stewart says:

    master, the floor is horrible!

  2. Jeebugs says:

    Our Master Bathroom is begging for HELP! We've talked about bumping out a wall into some spare space in the garage so we could put in double sinks (okay, I dare to dream of TWO of those lovely glass vessel sinks) instead of the little space for one we have now. It has old vinyl in the few feet of floor space there is and when one of us is getting out of the shower and the other is using the sink, we bump into each other. If we could steal just three feet from the garage, we could maybe even put in a tub! How fun to dream!

  3. Kay Bogumill says:

    My master bathroom, but I have two others that could use alot of help, too. It has old cream colored floor tile with pink flowers in between. Counter tops are a bluish lamimate with grey fixtures. The faucent handles fall off when you use them and the drains are rusted. I've been dreaming of an updated bath with vessel sinks.

  4. Cristie Sapp says:

    Our guest bath needs a facelift. When we built the house 15 years ago the vanity was not set properly and has caused a water to run off the sink and has damaged the vanity. My daughter is also ready to update the bathroom from wallpaper to a more modern look with paint.

  5. Lanieekat says:

    The master bath. we've been in the house 10 years and its the only room we haven't painted yet. When our dog was a puppy she chewed the baseboard and 2 of the cabinet doors in there also. We have one huge mirror that looks cheap and tacky too- came with the house.

  6. g sank says:

    The kids bathroom- oh but wait the kids have all moved out and now it is my bathroom. I would have said the maste but my husband only uses it now. It is small and out dated with yellow shower walls with swans on them and a yellow formica counter top. The walls are motel white and now the tube faucet is leaking. This rooms is in need of a face lift or something more since not much has been done to it since the house was built.

  7. joanlife says:

    Well since I have only one bathroom, I will call it the master/guest bathroom. I tried my best about six years back to paint. It was covered in wallpaper. The project took me two and a half years…. So, yes…I need all the help that is offered. Thank you….

  8. aimsterg74 says:

    I would say it would have to be the master bathroom. I started mine before i got hurt and have not been able to complete it. So now it is just an empty shell.

  9. erica best says:

    We only have one bath room and this would look so cool in it .

  10. egyptt56 says:

    My master bath definitely guest come and go and I'm trying trying to impress their visit as long as they are comfortable that's all they require. However, I'm there all the time and would welcome not only the comfort but the beauty of this sink. It's a no brainer for me — self then guest.

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