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The day has finally arrived. Today is officially the last day to enter to win the oh-so-stunning HGTV Dream Home 2011. But don’t worry, you still have until 5 p.m. EST to submit your last two entries (once on HGTV.com, once on FrontDoor.com), so make them count!

I’ve  been a die-hard fan of the Vermont resort-style home since day one. There’s something so appealing about a warm, rustic home surrounded by snow-covered mountains and sky-high trees nestled in an active resort town. Wouldn’t you agree?

HGTV Dream Home 2011

Here are four reasons to submit your last two (or first two) entries. Hey, you never know, you could get lucky, like HGTV Urban Oasis 2010 winner Adam Venckauskas.

HGTV Dream Home 2011 Kitchen

I swear I would cook every day and never eat out if I could chop onions and boil pasta in the Dream Home kitchen. Talk about a cook’s dream space!

HGTV Dream Home 2011 Dining Room

Can you imagine eating dinner (or every meal) in this dining room? Open windows, sweeping views, dim lighting … need I say more? Well, yes. You can open those windows for dining alfresco!

HGTV Dream Home 2011 Living Room

I love the modern green accents scattered throughout the living room that are paired with chocolate brown hues and rustic decor. This space feels just like home.

HGTV Dream Home 2011 Annex

The glass-enclosed annex is the perfect place to enjoy the views of Mt. Mansfield through winter, spring, summer and fall. See those leather club chairs by the window? That’s the best reading nook ever.

This HGTV Dream Home is PERFECT! Now, you still have a few hours left to submit your final two entries, so … go!

(To whoever wins: Will you invite me over? I’m a wonderful guest.)

81 Responses

  1. Theresa Stephan says:

    WOW…….what a dream!

  2. Robin says:

    What a great home in a great location for kids, if we win we would be able to forster 2 childern in this warm, heartful home.

  3. hopeiwin says:

    I truly hope to win… as I am sure every one does!!! I would love the oportunity to donate my current home to a local family in need. Preferably a fire victim if possible as a member of my family lost hers to a fire years ago. Good luck to every one and congratulations to the lucky winner!!!

  4. Monica Robidoux says:

    OMG, The suspence is killing me I really hope WE win This apartment is way to Small Wish us luck (cross your Fingars and toes. This house is indeed my dream house.

  5. StouweBound says:

    What a grand home with a grand view……I could visualize making the bunk level with all the bathroom facilities (as well as the guest bedroom for parents) available to children & their families of the "Make a Wish Foundation" to let them enjoy the beautiful Mountain Beauty of Stouwe, Vermont………while I enjoy the cooking in the Grand Kitchen overlooking the beautiful view as well!!

  6. pixelecho69 says:

    Everything about this special home screams to me and in what way ! the annex room, the gathering room, the living room, the guest room, the dorm room, the master bedroom, the master bathroom, the front patio, the backyard with the spa (bonus), the garage for the Acadia Denali, the laundry room, the dinning room, the spectacular views from those beautiful mountains and of course the amazing gourmet kitchen were if I am the winner ( fingers crossed ) I will be cooking for the rest of my life, I just love HGTV for giving me the chance to Dream of this beautiful Home.

  7. mealie florence says:

    I wants to win this house it would be a great thing to win.

  8. mealie florence says:

    It would agreat house to live in what a great site to view the mountain,

  9. 3rd time's a ch says:

    I know the winner is being announced on TV in March, but when is the actual winner being informed of his/her lucky win? I'm dying to know whether I can celebrate or keep on dreaming…

  10. mysfortune says:

    Each morning I wake up realizing that it was just a dream! I'm living with my daughter and son-in-law and have been praying for a home of my own. Maybe my dream is too big for me? I don't know, but I hope – or fantasize. Either way, the deserving winner will always rise to a beautiful day and (hopefully) will thank God for their blessings each night before they sleep. :)

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