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For our final episode of DanMade, Dan Faires builds an innovative yet simple wine rack made from reclaimed lumber and wooden dowels.

Wine Rack

Get the wine rack step-by-step instructions. Did you miss any of his past projects? Watch all the DanMade episodes and get step-by-steps.

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  2. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Anne Wilkerson, Richard R Moya, Lisa Hensinger, casadiseno, HGTV and others. HGTV said: Today's All-New "DanMade" project: DIY Wine Rack. Cheers, @danfaires! http://ow.ly/40o1f [...]

  3. pixelecho69 says:

    I would love to be able to do a wine rack like this one it looks so easy to do, I own a couple of them store bought I don't drink wine but I like to collect wine bottles I like the look.

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  4. [...] you are a fan of vino, and you have some old lumber hanging around the house, you will find this HGTV project to be quite interesting. Dan Faires builds a simple but stylish wine rack from old wood and some [...]

  5. tonya says:

    hey dan instead of making one can i just have this one……. i'm one of those people who have 2 left feet as my hands….

  6. DRJr says:

    It's nice looking but not practical…the wine bottles are tilted the wrong way. If left on this rack for any extended period of time, the corks will dry and possibly shrink leading to spoiled wine in the bottle.

  7. TimJ says:

    sad it's the last episode. hope some network snatches him up and gives him his own show. he's awesome

  8. ragmaniac says:

    Perhaps there is a problem with this design. It seems that the wine never reaches the cork. Corks could dry out — not so good. If the design were changed to stay lat or tip down just a bit, this could be avoided.

  9. Rachel Driver says:

    If your home is maintained at proper humidity, dry corks should not be a problem. And, if you are serious about aging wine, you should invest in a temperature controlled wine fridge that has manual temperature controls, minimal vibration, and humidity sensors. For wine that you will drink within days or weeks, or even months, this type of storage is gorgeous and ideal. Just don't store it near the stove. Or fridge. Good work, Mr. Faires.

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