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Ah. The first episode of my brand spankin new show, Secrets From a Stylist. (The launch is saturday at 9pm. 1 day and counting, geez. And the official title of my first episode?… Hollywood Regency Meets Country Club). It’s like the first day of high school. I remember it like it was yesterday, but I feel like I’ve grown up a lot already by the second semester, er 10th episode. The first week EVERYBODY was trying to figure out their roles; what were our strengths, weaknesses, and the general crazy timing of it all. And don’t forget while i’m styling and hosting each episode, i’m still working on the next four to six designs, so i was having a blast, but was kinda also doing the first week of training for the mental olympics, well my version of it anyway. But the first week, like freshman year, was full of excitement, anxiety and total madness. And it all begins with the style diagnostic…..

Me, Hillary and Bobby

So here’s a secret: Yes, i have met with the clients before the first day of shooting. I have to plan major pieces of furniture so there is a general design plan and order to the week. BUT, The Style Diagnostic is real, people. Trust. And every single week things come out in it that throw me off and force serious changes that make the episode interesting for all of us. And this week is no exception.

The Living Room...Before. Gotta Tune In To See The After, Tho.

I have hopes and predictions of what their styles answers are, and sometimes their answers are as hoped and predicted, and sometimes i end up learning new things about the clients each week, in real time. So with Hillary and Bobby they chose the fabrics that made sense, but then they both reached for the weird beer stein that said more ‘mid-evil party animal’, than the Hollywood Regency and Country Club Chic that i had in mind. But after a long conversation on why they chose that instead of the gold filligreed wine glass or the heavy manly rocks glass, it came out that what they loved about it was that it was a ‘two-fer’. Huh.

What is a two-fer you ask (as i did)? Well its something that has a double function. Hillary said that Bobby’s dream chair would also be a waffle maker. Gadget furniture, basically. It makes him happy, it makes him smile and so my prediction of serious and conservative is sent walking. Turns out he is whimsical as well. And while the gadgety stein isn’t actually a two-fer, it was a glass with a toy on top, with a fun gadget. So when you watch the style diagnostic which last about 2 minutes and 30 seconds of air time, know that the entire diagnostic actually takes about 45 minutes and includes many explanations, follow up questions and a lot of laughing. Believe me, A LOT of laughing, at me, with me and, well, at me.

Come back for more behind the scenes, random facts, resources and general ‘how did i adjust to this new life’ dialogue next week. Oh and some more general secrets, from this stylist.

PS Come to our twitter party during the premiere Saturday night, at 9pm. Use hashtag #HGTV to join in.


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  1. CplusE says:

    That is a really great living room, although their furniture is not (except for the couch pillows and that glass lamp, and maybe the wooden chair in the corner!). Can't wait to see what you did for this space!

  2. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Erin E Jewell, HGTV. HGTV said: Emily's on the Blog! She's spilling her secrets before the big premiere Tomorrow Night 9/8c. http://ow.ly/43k1G @em_henderson [...]

  3. So looking forward to the show! I'm a huge fan of Emily's!

  4. Rhonda Carrell says:

    Looking forward to seeing the show! I followed you on Design Star & thought you were fantastic! I know the show will be great!

  5. Erin Heath says:

    I can't wait to see the premier tonight! I loved you in Design Star, Emily!

  6. Peg says:

    I too was a hugh fan of yours during Design Star and am anxious to see your show. I know the show will be a big hit.

  7. JSOT says:

    What TV show was Hilary on? Its driving me crazy trying to remember!

  8. Theresapw says:

    I have a slight correction for Emily!! That light fixture is NOT vintage. My husband and I hung that exact fixture in 1992. we bought it at Home Depot. We loved it. But we paid alot less. be careful what the people at Craiglist tell you. Not always as advertised!!!!: Loved the show other than that!!!

  9. Carolina says:

    Sorry, but DH and I think that this living room is atrocious. The sofa is great, as is the couple's coffee table, and of course the secretary, but everything else looks like cheap flea market chic. The white accents are stark and jangles my nerves. Too bad because the room itself with wonderful windows and woodwork deserves more sophistication.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I watched Secrets From A Stylist tonight, giving Emily a chance, since I didn't think she was the best choice when she won Design Star. So…………..can I say the redecorated room was far from up to par with how the room looked before she redid it! Sorry, but I don't think Secrets From A Stylist is going to make it.

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