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We’ve narrowed our choices for March’s Color of the Month, but we want you to help us pick the winner. Here are the options:


Our editorial assistant, Karli, says: My pick is aqua. Will from Bright.Bazaar is loving it. Kate Spade uses it quite often in her china and accessories lines, and it looks fantastic mixed with other brights like red. You can go bold and saturated or tone it down by distressing it for a lighter shade. This color is EVERYWHERE right now and perfect for ushering in springtime and Easter without going pastel.

Emerald Green

Nina, our shopping expert from HGTV MarketPlace, voted for emerald green, along with decorating editors Chelsey and Camille, who pointed out its presence at the Golden Globes and called it “a fun spring color.”

Lemon Yellow

Says Lili, our senior decorating editor, “I’m pushing for bright yellow again, angel-punching be d*@$ed! It’s so perfect for spring.” Our Shaw Floors color consultant, Emily, agrees with Lili: “It was everywhere at IMM Cologne a few weeks ago and I keep seeing it in fashion as well as interiors.”

The poll’s open till 5pm EST, Monday, Feb. 28. We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, Mar. 1.

38 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Voting for emerald green because March is the beginning of spring and that gorgeous green reminds me of of dew-enveloped grass and lush shamrocks. But I do love the yellow and just painted my office that color, with accents of black and white.

  2. pixelecho69 says:

    I love all those colors but I am going with aqua, I don't know why but lately all the blue's are hitting a high note with me.

  3. Aqua is REALLY popular with our clients right now. They dont want your passive, soft, (dare I say) pastel blue/green either. They want the full on, full bodied Aqua color.
    People are getting really comfortable with color and not afraid to choose bold patterns and accents now. I attribute it to the media explosion of design and fashion on TV and magazines, and DEFINITELY our exposure to our various ethnicities, traditions, and cultures.

  4. beingzhenya says:

    Love Aqua, it is actually going to be one of my wedding colors this summer:)

  5. Cynthia says:

    Pops of lemon yellow make you happy. It is as hopeful as the daffodils that herald spring is here!

  6. CplusE says:

    I'm tired of pastels for spring (even an appealing one like aqua), and while I love most greens, that particular shade makes me want to punch a leprechaun, so it's daffodil yellow for me!

  7. The aqua and green are nice but I agree with Cynthia. The yellow just makes you happy.

  8. Pink Pig says:

    Aqua for sure! zingy, energising, and I loved it as pantone colour of the year last year 2010- It's onlynow coming into its own I reckon.

  9. Amy PureHome says:

    I'm all for bright yellow – such a great color and it works well in several different rooms in a home.

  10. Iluvcolor says:

    I'm voting for aqua because it is my March birth-day-stone(aquamarine).

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