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We had three excellent candidates for March’s color of the month: aqua, emerald green and lemon yellow. To add to the fun, we asked you to help us pick the color. So…which did you choose?

1. Benjamin Moore, Jamaican Aqua; 2. Sears, Bold Emerald; 3. Sears, Chrome Yellow (all paint chips from My Perfect Color)

And the winner is…aqua by a landslide!

As Pink Pig said in the comments on our earlier post, “Aqua for sure! Zingy, energising, and I loved it as Pantone colour of the year last year, 2010—it’s only now coming into its own, I reckon.”

For a primer on using this totally now color, check out Bright Bazaar—not only is the site’s design done in aqua, many of Will’s posts sport it, or one of the members of its color family (turquoise, peacock and teal, to name a few).

Want to see it in action?

Designer Andreea Avram Rusu brings out aqua’s cooler side as an accent on an all-white cabinet in this contemporary Miami living room:

Judith Balis warms it up with Pantone’s 2011 color of the year, honeysuckle, for a fresh take on traditional:

And I’ve always loved how a simple, aqua lamp adds dash to the color palette in Katie Leavy’s eclectic, globally inspired sitting area:


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31 Responses

  1. HGTVtweensuperfan! says:

    If u new me u would no that my fav color is yellow of cours! luv luv luv it! but the ways u used that blue color is just fabulous!! just to let u no i am HGTV's BIGGEST FAN!!!!! cant wait to check out the blog on designers and shops! goin there rite now! peace out! :)

  2. HGTVtweensuperfan says:

    hey! me still! i wanted to make it clear that my choice isssss yellow! i still luv it mor than blue! brighter is better! *david rules*

  3. Cissy says:

    What is the exact paint color of the aqua and who makes it? I'm refering to the living room that has the black mirror over the mantle. I just love it!!! I've made soooo many decorating mistakes I just want to make sure that I have the right color!
    Thank You!!!!!!

  4. cissy says:

    The aqua that I need to know the color is a living room by Judith Balis
    Thank You

  5. Cash says:

    Nice post! I enjoyed reading your post, I have a blog too. Hopefully you can keep your site updated so I can keep reading.

  6. Rosewood11 says:

    From the time I was a little girl, this is the color I wanted my room to be. I love aqua. It just makes you take a deep breath and relax.

  7. HGTV_Kelley says:

    I'm over aqua/chocolate but in love with aqua/navy and aqua/apple green.

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