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Check out Emilys precap over on her blog for Secrets From a Stylist episode 2, Mad Men Bohemian. (Love that title!)

Here’s the before pic of the living room Emily designed on the show:

And here’s her mood board:

I’ve seen the after pics already and…yeah. Y’all are gonna love it. We’ll have Emily’s recap here bright and early Sunday morning, so come back to get her behind-the-scenes dish. Here’s a tease: “Here’s a secret, men love accent walls, i’m serious, they are always showing me tear sheets that only have one wall painted, i’m trying to get to the bottom of it.”

LOL Pure Emily!

BTW, the first episode is up if you want to re-watch this weekend: Secrets From a Stylist, Episode 1


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15 Responses

  1. Cheryl says:

    Not sure about Emily's show yet. One thing that is very distracting is her tooth on the side as when she smiles it almost looks as if the tooth is missing..I find it hard to listen to her for focusing on her "missing " tooth. Sorry. It's all about presentation and I'm not sure she has it even with her designing. Think about it..who would redo a room then redo it as few times more?:S

  2. I'm going to have to disagree with Cheryl. The show is a great addition to HGTV and I like that Emily is quirky. It makes her relate-able.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Watched the first Secrets From A Stylist, was far from impressed, the show is missing just about everything important in a design show, people don't want quirky to design their homes, they want a designer with talent and creativity to give them ideas, Emily's mood board for the second show is a mess, how long did she take to pull this mood board together, all of 10 minutes??. Emily did terrible in Design Star, should not have been the next Design Star, what is HGTV thinking? But to tell you the truth, no one from this last Design Star should have won, none of them showed that they have what it takes to be a Designer, where do they find these people? And I am not the only one who thinks this, many people were disappointed with this last Design Star, let's hope the next Design Star will be much better. Just look at the way Emily dresses, YUK on that and the way she designs. HGTV needs to yank her show, and have a show that's worth our time in watching. HGTV needs to be reading these comments, do the right thing,cancel Secrets From A Stylist, put in it's place a show that we all would enjoy watching, and learn some decorating ideas from. Sad, but true.

  4. Ann says:

    fantastic show- best of all of the design shows
    much more like real life designing- a mixture of your
    own things, ideas, but lifted up with the good taste
    and flare and layered. Doesn't look like someone came
    in and made one room look different from the whole house or the people who live there.

  5. KTTC says:

    Agree with Cheryl, if you know what you are doing as a designer, you shouldn't have to redo a room more than once. Second show no better than the first! HGTV needs a better show in this slot.

  6. Chelsea says:

    I love SFAS! There is finally a show for the demographic of design savvy, fun, collector liking people. Emily is absolutely adorable. The two looks is not that she doesn't know what she is doing (comment above) it is a marketing tool to keep you interested and show different styles. Change the channel if you do not like it. We do! Please keep your mean comments to yourself. This show is a breath of fresh air and GREAT design.
    Thank you HGTV!!

  7. owL says:

    i watched SFAS for the first time and i loved it! it is true that a good designer would just have to design it once but i find it quite amazing that someone is willing to go through all of the work twice. both designs were good in my opinion and i feel that instead of focusing on her tooth, maybe you should focus on the show. if you find her "so called missing tooth" distracting, i suppose that you must be an extremely distracted person in this world because no one is perfect. +this is a design show not a dental one.
    thanks hgtv!

  8. Christie says:

    I love this show. It's different. The layered looks aren't because she doesn't know what she's doing; it's to show how you can take one look that looks great on its own and combine it with another totally unexpected style. And I love the way Emily dresses! I want her wardrobe. It suits her personality and her design sensibility.

  9. Joy D. says:

    Emily's show is so much fun. Love her style. Such a relief from house hunters!! The show is paying for the 'seperate' designs, just to further teach and entertain US. Emily could get it done in one try. Very informative, stylish, and FUN.

  10. Bonnie says:

    Yuck! Do not like this show….. Yes re-doing rooms the second time seems like a waste of time and money.People just don't have the time nor the money to keep re doing and re painting. Also agree on the tooth thing… Do not get it. Childish designs. Designs are not classy. Designs things that you would tire of too easy. Concentrate on re doing your tooth not rooms. We DO need a better show in this time slot. :(

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