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Check out Emilys precap over on her blog for Secrets From a Stylist episode 2, Mad Men Bohemian. (Love that title!)

Here’s the before pic of the living room Emily designed on the show:

And here’s her mood board:

I’ve seen the after pics already and…yeah. Y’all are gonna love it. We’ll have Emily’s recap here bright and early Sunday morning, so come back to get her behind-the-scenes dish. Here’s a tease: “Here’s a secret, men love accent walls, i’m serious, they are always showing me tear sheets that only have one wall painted, i’m trying to get to the bottom of it.”

LOL Pure Emily!

BTW, the first episode is up if you want to re-watch this weekend: Secrets From a Stylist, Episode 1


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  1. Danikka says:

    I agree. Her show is a breath of fresh air. It is very different from other shows on HGTV which is great because it is attracting a different audience. I don't expect everyone to like her show, because some people aren't into what she does. I don't enjoy every show on HGTV, but I don't go posting mean comments about the looks or talent of the designers of those shows. So, for all the people who don't like her show, don't watch it. But there are plenty of people that do who would like to see it continue. So, again I agree with Chelsea, keep your mean comments to yourself.

  2. b bernadette says:

    some interesting methods used which I really enjoy…

    BUT in reviewing how to get her to personally makeover a room , the age range is 25-45…so, does that mean anyone over 45 need NOT watch her show??? I find it apalling that an age range be identified as a requirement. So style has a shelf life? I could go on, but being over 45 and very much in tune with style, I guess I had better use the little time I have left for more worthwhile endeavors, like looking for an assisted living complex and designing my next digs!

  3. toni wiley says:

    I am a handbag nut and would love to know how to purchase the western style leather flap bag she wore on one of her shows^_^

  4. Just my opinion says:

    Folks, I'm just saying…there was a show (I believe it was last week), where the homeowners came in and the wife couldn't find anything nice to say. She was speechless, and not in a good way. I think that the re-do is not a marketing strategy rather it is a way to try to please the homeowners that she is designing for. Her designs are not practical for everyday living. I have watched about three episodes and that is enough for me. It is painful to watch..

  5. Deb64 says:

    Because my husband is a pharmacist, I was made aware a long time ago as to "public mentality.". In general, people report what they do not like, rather than reporting what they do like. So when I do like something, I try to express my appreciation. Emily's show is fun, entertaining, and informative. She seems to be so at ease just being herself. I like her teeth, maybe that's because I do not care for the "Hollywood smile.". Looking at decorating to reflect the combined personalities of the couple is very intriguing. A room is not just being decorated! If this show is geared for the 25-45 age group, that is fine by me. I am 64 and none of the programs are directed toward our age market. But, young is fun!!

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