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I rarely throw parties. Why? I love my friends, but so much work goes into hosting a get-together, from the food and cocktails to the entertainment and decor. It’s not cheap, either. To successfully throw an amazing soiree, every detail matters. Plus, my standards are very high, since I work in the design world. Fortunately, with an abundance of spring and summer festivities on the horizon, HGTV.com has created the go-to party planning guide for hosting casual get-togethers, dinner parties, bridal showers and more (without the cost and headaches!). Here are a few of my favorite ideas to get you started.

Simple Party Planning Table Place Settings

Welcome guests by creating simple yet eye-catching place settings and DIY centerpieces that coordinate with the theme of your dinner party:

Party Planning Frozen Waterberry Cocktails

Serve up fabulous (and easy-to-make) pre-dinner cocktails. (For non-alcoholic gatherings, these virgin drinks are delicious and stunning.)

Simple Party Planning Strawberry Almond Salad

Don’t stress over the main course. These dinner party ideas and recipes are especially mouth-watering and can be whipped up a few hours before the big get-together. (Trying to figure out the right wine to go with the food? This wine pairing guide makes it easy to find the perfect accompaniment.)

Simple Party Planning Brian Patrick Flynn Garden Brunch

Who doesn’t love a warm-weather, spring-inspired brunch? Host an outdoor garden buffet one afternoon with these entertaining ideas and recipes:

Simple Party Planning Brian Patrick Flynn Baby Shower

Host a vibrant and sophisticated bridal or baby shower with 11 ideas for creating DIY invites, place settings and tasty goodies:

We’ve got kids’ parties covered, too. (Why weren’t these creative minds around when I was a child? No offense, mom.) You’ll love these ideas for girls’ parties, boys’ parties along with fun DIY decorations and party favors.

Browse through HGTV.com’s Simple Party Planning guide for more party ideas and recipes.

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