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Am i alone on this or was that the cutest family that you’ve ever met on a design show ever, or in person? (If you missed it, don’t worry. You aren’t too late. You can still watch the full episode of Mad Men Bohemian: Secrets From a Stylist). I got super close to these guys, and they kinda made me want to have kids right now. They were just so fun and funny and stylish and cool, yet super good parents, i was totally enamored. And i love both of their styles, which makes it easier in a lot of ways. I love how opinionated Manesh is, some guys know they don’t have style and some guys know they do and love to talk about it, and Manesh is the latter which is actually so much fun and easier than the former. He’s a music editor (picks music for movies – big-old comedies that we all know) and she is an art teacher and an artist that makes these really amazing paper art pieces that i’m obsessed with.

For these guys there really wasn’t too much ‘behind the scenes you’ll freak out when you hear this’ stories, it was actually super pleasant. The second week already felt much better than the first week. I started understanding the production schedule and everyone on the crew started really getting to know each other.

Heres is my main inspiration pic for them – they both loved how eclectic it is, how casual it is, grown up, yet not too fussy for kids.


Basically i wanted look two to ‘feel’ like this pic. Nothing too literal Although he wanted it to be a little more masculine and mid-century.

Secrets of a Stylist Episode 2

This is the mood board that i made for them. Basically i just pull pictures from online (or if i’ve already taken pics of pieces i’ve purchased then i import them in) and then i carry this, the before pictures and the floorplan with all the measurements with me at all times. Then when i start buying fabrics i staple swatches of fabrics to it so i have the total design package in front of me, which helps immensely.

Of course things change, but its the general idea of it all. I knew i wanted a fun turkish kilm rug (kid friendly to the max, and easy on the wallet) and i when i found this plycraft chair for them and posted it on my blog, Sage commented that she hoped to God it was for them, and it totally was which made me feel so good, like i had ‘gotten’ them.

Secrets of a Stylist Episode 2

The trickiest part of the show, and you’ll hear me say this over and over, is making sure that the first look is great, but the second look is better, but at the same time the two looks are different enough. So normally i try to change either the color of the walls or the drapery as well as the furniture, because its amazing how just with a different tone on the walls it changes the feeling of the room completely. But in this case we all loved that gray, truly, it was a beautiful color….but the orange…..

Secrets of a Stylist Episode 2

For first look i painted that bright orange accent wall, and i’m not the biggest fan of it, but i thought that Manesh would like it (here’s a secret, men love accent walls, i’m serious, they are always showing me tear sheets that only have one wall painted, i’m trying to get to the bottom of it). And Manesh did like it, but it had to go for the second look. it was really really orange.

For Sage’s look i found this vintage Japanese grasscloth that i’ve been wanting to do for a long time and had it cover up the orange. Not so fast, though. Wallpaper is tricky. Many of you might remember me wallpapering in Ian’s house for the special and how good it looked on camera. Well in person, not so much, and all of it had to be replaced post show (yes the production paid for it). So this time we were positive we were going to find the best wallpaperer in the country and we went through a service. It happened overnight and when i came in the next morning, it was a total disaster. The seams were enormous and the pattern didn’t even match and there was paste on the outside of the wallpaper. I was one unhappy stylist. Turns out services are too broad and you have to find a specialist, i’m telling you wallpaper is extremely difficult. Sometimes even the weather can effect how it adheres – its a beast.

So we found this chick who i will only reveal whilst being tortured because she is so amazing and i need her. She’s been doing it for 20 years and is fast and a total perfectionist. You’ll see her work constantly throughout the series and its flawless. So she came in the night before the final reveal and replaced the wall, and thank god she did.

Let me be clear about this: many productions would not have cared, believe me. There is a lot of ‘well you are getting a bunch of free stuff’ attitude, but not mine. When i said i wanted it replaced, they told me they had already found a new person and every time there is a scuff on the floor or something minor that happens to the house post-show, they have it fixed. It’s really kinda amazing.

Secrets of a Stylist Episode 2

Favorite things about this house? that grasscloth, that plycraft velvet chair, the standing lamp, that huge silver gazelle, the shelving, the coffee table, the vintage leather sling chairs with reupholstered cushions, yep. i liked a lot in this house.

Least favorite things: the tv cover up. In this case the wall was gray and the tv actually disappeared against the wall, but since i had already established that i was going to cover it up and it was a DIY segment i had to follow through with it, and it wasn’t until saturday after the reveal that i was like, ‘nope, that should go’. So when i sent my photographer to shoot their place a couple months later Sage warned me that it was gone but that they could put it back up if we needed them to, and i was all ‘thank god, and please don’t’.

Anyway, sometimes the impression i’m left with of an episode and the house is so effected by the family – and this one is no exception. We always say that we would be good friends if we didn’t live 12 miles apart (which in LA is 45 minutes). Stupid traffic always trying to keep apart potential friends. I’ve seen them since, though. They’re not getting rid of me so fast.

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  1. juls says:

    where is the round coffee table from? I love it. It would be perfect for my home

  2. katherine weitz says:

    are there going to be any new shows? i loved the shows awile back, but recently theres been hardly any fun shows. non w/ Emily,David, Antonio, sarah, Genivieve & more. what happened to hgtv scedualing? wheres the shows

  3. Katherine says:

    Can I know what flowers were used in the second look? Thanks! :)

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