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spring cleaning tipsI ask because I’m wondering if there are others like me who are as passionately (my spouse would say maniacally) committed to an annual deep spring cleaning? In my home, by the end of the three-day weekend, I’ve usually gone through about 200 Q-tips, 3 gallons of vinegar and have dropped off a large donation of gently-used items to a charity.

I would LOVE to hear about your spring cleaning to-do list and tips!


  • Pour boiling water down all sinks
  • Run the washing machine with only vinegar added
  • Move all large appliances and large pieces of furniture for vacuuming and mopping (and removal of dreaded dog hair dust bunnies)
  • Wipe down all small kitchen appliances, including the power cords (you’ll be surprised what you’ll find stuck on the cord of your mixer)
  • Wash all dog beds and refresh with cedar chips
  • Take down all hanging art, mirrors and picture frames, dust and dust picture rails
  • Wash baseboards throughout house
  • Q-tip clean all corners and crevices (around sinks, faucets, light switch plates, doorways, etc.)
  • Per HGTV.com’s Help Around the Home: swap out high wattage bulbs for energy-efficient 3-way bulbs
  • Take all books off bookshelves, dust and downsize
  • Take all rugs outside and beat them
  • Use peroxide to whiten porcelain in the cast iron clawfoot tub
  • Give all indoor plants a bath

  • Dust all light fixtures and ceiling fans, reverse direction on ceiling fans for spring
  • Downsize, donate and pack up winter bedding and clothes with tons of bay leaves
  • Wash and bleach the white cloth shower curtain, window curtains, mattress pad and bed skirt
  • Remove everything from the refrigerator, freezer and pantry, wash top to bottom, return only what’s fresh along with new boxes of baking soda
  • Empty the linen closet, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, dust, downsize, return only what’s needed
  • Replace all spices with new ones from the international farmer’s market
  • Clean the vacuum cleaner
  • Buy a new broom for good luck, make the broom from this year’s spring cleaning the outdoor broom
  • Buy a new front door mat, move old one to the back door

Go get pizza and beer. And celebrate because for a few days, maybe a week, my home is truly spotless!!!

Next week, the outside of the house and the cars…

For HGTV.com’s official, printable Spring Cleaning Checklist, click here.


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  1. Joni Lightner says:

    Pizza & beer. Mmmm, never a bad idea!

  2. pixelecho69 says:

    I have to do this over the weekend I tackle a different part of the house day by day
    1.- closet's first ( put away winter's clothes, hat's scarves mittens and shoes )
    2.- living room and bathrooms ( clean behind and under sofa and chair's, clean artwork and silk plant's )
    3.- bedrooms and kitchen ( clean under bed's and change linens, clean the cupboards refresh the fridge clean the gas range).

  3. Steam says:

    You shouldn't use Cedar chips in dog beds. It has been proven that extended breathing in of the cedar can cause your pets brain damage. Better to use Cyprus or Pine.

  4. deborah griggs says:


  5. Steam says:

    In regard to the bedding for dogs. I though Pine was o.k., but….
    'Cedar and pine became popular for pet bedding material because they are good at controlling odor and have some natural insecticidal properties (they kill or repel bugs, especially cedar). These softwood shavings smell nice due to the volatile compounds (e.g. aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols) that are given off. Unfortunately these compounds have been implicated as a potential health risk, especially with regards to respiratory problems (asthma, inflammation, allergic responses) and changes in the liver.'

    • Anna says:

      Hmmm…maybe lavender and rosemary are safe. I will definitely do research on this. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Julie says:

    Wish this was 'printable" as just a simple list! …not having to copy the whole page!!!!

    • Diane says:

      you can-right click and drag over the part you want to print, left click and click on print, click on selection

    • Sue Gordon says:

      you can print it, just go to file at the top left scroll down and click on print. I did

  7. RoxAnn Stumbo says:

    All I can say is 'DANG'! I used to be the same way, then a rather huge bout of depression hit me for a few years now~okay sit down for this…I'm still trying to get unpacked and decorated from two YEARS ago! Oh how I miss the old OCD days..LOL

    • Anna says:

      When I get the blues, a list like this is too much for me. It's at those times that I pick one small task, pretend there are no other looming to-dos, and knock out the small task for the sense of accomplishment. May work for you. Whatever you do, take care of yourself!

  8. Lisa says:

    Me too! Woman's work is never done.

  9. Carrie O says:

    I personally LOVE spring cleaning, great list! For my list I would have to add scrub the furniture (we have microfiber)… my two kids and dog have done some damage. The only thing I dislike about spring cleaning is waiting for the weather to break. I live in buffalo and we just got five more inches of snow! Happy cleaning everyone!

  10. Penni says:

    Great list !!! Can't wait to put the family to work!! =) thanks!!!

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