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In January, Anna highlighted the work of Blissful Bedrooms, a NYC non-profit that designs beautiful bedrooms for differently-abled kids. Well, thanks to ABC’s Secret Millionaire, I’ve learned about a similar non-profit literally in HGTV’s backyard. Here in Knoxville, Special Spaces has created more than 90 dream rooms for children struggling with serious illnesses like leukemia. Seeing the sincere gratitude of these local kids as they open the door to a frilly princess pad or a high-energy sports room is inspiring.

ABC's Secret Millionaire Special Spaces

Are there non-profits in your community using interior design or handmade crafts to make a positive change? Let us know about them.

BTW – if you have an aspiring designer age 12 or younger in your family, check out The Company Store’s Kids’ Design Contest that helps homeless children.

3 Responses

  1. Meg says:

    Operation backyard does a little of that, but not quite like what you have posted here. Did you watch the episode of secret millionaire where the secret millionaire came to Knoxville and helped out in the love kitchen with the 82 year old twins? It was awesome!

  2. pie lover says:

    I really want to volunteer but I live in CA so I don't know what to do

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I am starting an innovative, project-based school for at-risk teen girls in an urban setting I need help with a space that will serve as both a classroom/project space for the students and a co-working/networking and event space for socially-conscious professionals, community activists and non-profits. The idea is to actively support the initiatives of the girls' school (which includes opportunities for educational global travel) while providing a dynamic center for community networking.

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