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Its form is similar to that of a deflating hot air balloon. What’s your guess for this mystery item’s use?

What the...?

We’ll be watching for your guesses, and check back tomorrow for the answer.


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25 Responses

  1. Kelly Holland says:

    Possibly a knob for a cabinet..

  2. Andrea says:

    A very contemporary door knob??

  3. Martyn says:

    Seems more like a very uncomfortable bidet!

  4. Amy PureHome says:

    Looks like a strange piece of wall art…but I'm sure that's not correct!

  5. HGTV_Kelley says:

    I'll guess a dual-purpose: drop your keys into the "mouth" and then hang your coat over. And if not, that's what I'm gonna use them for, anyway b/c they look so cool. ;)

  6. Snesneh says:

    It's new fashion coat n wall hangers

  7. Ashley says:

    drawer pulls.

  8. HGTV_Karli says:

    Maybe a door-knob stopper? It would "cradle" your knob, rather than just ensuring it doesn't hit your wall.

  9. Dion says:


  10. Lizzy says:

    I'm going to second door knobs.

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