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I’m an off-season traveler. So for spring break, I opt to stay home. Now I just need a backyard that’s peak-season staycation worthy. Here are my three favorites. Would any of these convince you to avoid hoards of beach-bound sunbathers or long lines for the ski lift?

Jamie Durie - Exotic Retreat - Taj Lake Palace Inspired - HGTV.comExotic Outdoor Rooms by Jamie Durie

Jamie Durie found his inspiration for this design on a trip to Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. India is on my bucket list, but for my spring break staycation, you’ll find me poolside, sipping a mango lassi and listening to Malkit Singh.

Erinn Valencich - Private Pool Retreat - HGTV.comOutdoor Designer Lap Pools

The romantic setting for this lap pool designed by Erinn Valencich looks to me like the perfect place to re-read E.M. Forster’s A Room With a View and pretend Julian Sands is approaching…ready for a swim.

Waterfall and Pond: Water Features - HGTV.comWater Features for the Garden

No pool, no hot tub. Who needs them when you’ve got your own tropical paradise in the form of a combo waterfall and pond in your backyard. Plus, all those beneficial negative ions. It’s like that Leonardo DiCaprio flick, The Beach, set in Thailand…before all the bad stuff starts happening.


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  1. Amy PureHome says:

    Man, it would have been killer if I had a backyard like one of these when I was younger! My parents house would've been the hangout spot!

  2. I guess I should have added that while I'm on spring break, I'm actually 39. So I'm older than the average US college crowd. I was steering away from the Carribbean/Mexico/Bahamas because of Been There Done That syndrome.

    I'd love a warmer climate but love the scenery of the northern climates. What does anyone think of Scotland?

    I was thinking of something really loose. Renting a car/taking a train and hoping to find a place to stay sometime before night falls and seeing where I end up.

    • Anna@HGTV says:

      I think that would be great fun in Scotland or Ireland. Anywhere I travel out of the country, I always check Anthony Bourdain's travel itinerary for when he was traveling in that city or country while shooting his show. I love No Reservations. And Travel Channel will list the hotels and restaurants their hosts went to on their show pages: <a href="http://www.travelchannel.com” target=”_blank”>www.travelchannel.com.
      For a warmer climate, you might consider driving from Barcelona to Valencia. The art and architecture of Spain is calling me!

  3. alan churchill says:

    I really need your help on my backyard.

  4. Mona McDonald says:

    We live in rainy Portland, Oregon. Ten years ago, we visited Jamaica and fell in love with it. Every since, we've been working on transforming our backyard into a tropical paradise. Almost all the lush tropical folliage has been planted, however, we are unable to complete it because my husband lost his job when he became seriously ill, and the inground pool is in serious need of repair. Once that's complete, we will have accomplished our goal of returning to paradise but in our own backyard. Will you help us please?

  5. Arlene Cheatham says:

    Dear Jamie Durie:

    My name is Arlene, I watch your show all the time. Every time I wonder what your imagination could do with my back yard. I have a huge yard. All grass with 2 lonely trees. If you're ever iterested in doing a yard in Laveen Arizona a suburb of Phoenix, Az. My yard is a canvas ready to be painted with your wonder. I would love for you to create a space for my parents and son. I take care of my Father who is blind and in a wheelchair, My mother with Alzheimers and in a wheelchair, and my amazing son with CP and Epilepsy. I would love a space where they can experience life more fully. Hope to hear from you. Arlene

    • Michael says:

      Arlene, I read on your post that your son has epilepsy, I too had epilepsy for years and the medical doctors could only prescribe more and more drugs. After praying to God for some insight on this problem I eventually discovered that food preservatives were what was causing the seizures. I have been seizure free now for the past 16 years.

  6. kelly says:

    How close can you plant trees to a pool? I am in NH and need some tall privacy plantings along a fence line that is about 15 feet from the pool. Any advice or resources you can recommend?

  7. I won 3 of my trades and loss 2 but I’m still on top against all odds. Cedar Finance simple and fun.

  8. angelina says:

    I always wonder how Jamie Durie or HGTV select the lucky homeowners.
    I see amazing makeovers, but they never say how much it would cost to have something like that. My garden is in need of tender loving care. We have a beautiful view, but cant enjoy it due to the sun. I would love to have a cover for our sundeck. Any ideas? I live in San Diego <3

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