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This week’s freebie is a gardener’s bonanza that comes just in time for spring, sunshine and a sizable outdoor to-do list! I don’t know about you, but I’m jonesing to play in the dirt. I can’t wait to build a couple of raised beds for salad greens, squash, tomatoes and cucumbers. I’m also going to hang some baskets of nasturtiums and strawberries from the front porch. Oh, and I can’t forget my herb and cut flower garden.
Seeds of Change - Giant Garden Giveaway: Seeds, Totes and More
We’ve partnered with the organic seed company Seeds of Change, a staff favorite, to hook-up a winner with all of the trappings of a multi-family or community garden. Seeds of Change is giving away 250 of the highest-quality organic seed packets (a mix of veggies, herbs and flowers), five bags to tote your seeds and other gardening essentials, as well as five custom bowls to display your hard work come harvest time. This is enough loot for your and four green-thumb friends to create joint gardens and share in the spoils. Answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, March 21, to be entered for a chance to win.

This week’s question: There’s nothing like enjoying the fruits of your labor. What’s your favorite veggie or fruit to eat fresh from the garden? Heirloom tomatoes? Juicy strawberries? Or are you all about fresh cut flowers?

Click for official rules.

Learn more about organic seeds and gardening at www.seedsofchange.com and www.seedsofchangefoods.com. And join HGTV’s Family Gardening Club and dig in the dirt with your kids!


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  1. Karen says:

    There's nothing like homegrown tomatoes! Oh, so sweet…turned my oldest child into a tomato lover at age 2 (but he doesn't like mass produced ones much at all, although he tolerates them). I love homegrown organics and it's time to start again. I'd LOVE to win this prize, as we've been hit hard financially with the economy the past few years and growing our own food would be a huge help, nutririonally and financially!

  2. Lefar says:

    Nothing in the world tastes like fresh veggies from a garden but tomatoes have to be my favorite.

  3. I love tomstoes right from the garden! Just the thought of getting my hands in the soil makes me smile!! This years garden will feature only Organic Veggies with our composted chicken manure. Yeah thats what it's all about!

  4. Cassandria Renken Rh says:

    I love it all! Just as long as I can have my hands in good composted dirt I am happy. I do love a good fat zucchini or a nice big juicy tomato, but hey flowers are great too! Spring is my favorite time of the year. Can't wait to get my spinach and potatoes in the ground.

  5. @misyfitz says:

    As a child I would help my Grandparents plant a garden every season. We had a natural disaster (Flood of 86) and because of the oil and gases in the ground they were not able to have another garden. In two weeks I'm moving into my new home and will for the first time since then be able to plant a garden!! I'm so excited because Heirloom tomatoes have always been my favorite and I cant wait to feed my own children just like my Grandparents feed us, fresh from the earth!!

  6. Sally Joyce says:

    My favourite thing to eat right from my garden is a sun warmed raspberry. The aroma of these power berries wafts toward me to say good morning as I step toward the garden to begin grazing for my summer breakfast. As I reach out and pick the berries their flowery fragrance rises up into my nose and I taste them even before they touch my lips.

  7. Mommy G. says:

    There is just something so more flavorful in your own grown tomatoes!

  8. Gale Domanico says:

    Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme.
    Don't forget it's gardening time.

    I live in Florida & grow all my own herbs year round.
    That means I have the best dinners in town!

  9. There is nothing to me like fresh-grown tomatoes. I love to watch them turn red and the smell is unbelievable fresh. I actually would wear a fragrance that smelled like freshly-grown tomatoes if there were such a thing. I love to pick them when they are just ripe and make a big delicious salad. So good!

  10. nugpie says:

    I agree, nothing tastes better than a tomato from the garden

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