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Episode three was a total blast (watch it here). Excitement just oozed out of Micah and Evelyn. I promise never to say ‘oozed out of them’ again. Gross. But it did. They were desperate for help and all they wanted was fun, color and some function. They already had a TV room (that you didn’t see.) They also wanted a place to play with their friends—they love themselves some board games. They also needed a dining room. The loft was pretty daunting actually; it was massive and dark and totally vacuous. Frankly, it was very cold, and these people are not.

Secrets From a Stylist: Episode 3 Loft, BeforeI know. Empty. Dead. Boring.

The style diagnostic was pretty great, no major surprises. I thought Micah would choose one of the cooler cars, but instead he picked the one that was purely the most functional. But with the speakers he didn’t—he chose the gadgety folding ones, which told me that he likes a bit of whimsy in his life. And based on his personality and his fashion, I could tell that he loves function but with a sense of humor.

And Evelyn is easy peasy, loves color, playfulness, whimsy and specifically the 50′s retro diner stuff.

Lets start with the first look:

Secrets From a Stylist: Ep 3, Look 1

Super retro, throwback and full of fun. I really loved it, but it was more for a group of early twenties artists, maybe not so much for early thirties.

Let’s break down some pieces:

I bought the sofa at a vintage store (Design Modern) and had it reupholstered for a grand total of $1,300.

Secrets From a Stylist: Ep 3, Sofa Before

Not bad for a custom vintage piece. And it’s great for a lounge but not so much for your main comfy sofa, so it was perfect for them.

Secrets From a Stylist, Ep 3, Sofa After

But the fabric was too, well, ugly and itchy and gross. So i recovered it with navy wool, to make it more sophisticated.

And those lamps? A lot of people have responded to those guys. I love how dramatically tall they are on the sofa tables. I got them both for $120 from the Long Beach antique mall (where i shopped on camera). Kinda a steal for those bad boys.

The coffee table was from the flea market, but they are pretty easy to find at a lot of industrial or architectural salvage stores. They are also reproduced like crazy right now. These are one of those things that if you live in the mid-west they are EVERYWHERE for like, nothing. But here, even at the flea market, it is $250. But it’s great, and Micah loved it.

That shag rug is from Cb2, and i think it was $700. Really comfy and cozy. The globe collection is from every flea market, vintage store and thrift store. I think i brought enough to fill the entire space. And i had a lot of ‘Orlando, what in the WORLD are you doing right now?’ kinda jokes. Crazy they got cut, right? Comedy gold.

There is a behind the scenes snafu that i can tell you about. We bought all these socket splitters to create the custom chandelier, a la this:

Secrets From a Stylist: Ep 3, Chandelier Inspiration

And we did make them. We spray painted them bright red, and they became these awesome organic shapes. But i will tell you what—they ended up being a fortune. Not exactly a diy that’s budget friendly. Each socket splitter was a few dollars and the bulbs were expensive, too. So i think we ended up spending like $500 when we started out the project thinking it was totally good for the budget. Not so.

Secrets From a Stylist: Ep 3, Red Chandeliers

So we did this big hour-long DIY lesson that didn’t make it in the show because A) i’m not totally sure i should be giving electrical advice and B) it ended up being super expensive. I will say that they look super, super cool…and fun…and totally custom.

Secrets From a Stylist: Ep 3, E Light

Oh, and that ‘e’ i LOVE. It lights up! So it creates great mood-lighting, and it’s such a unique piece. I got it at Vintage Rehab on Beverly. I think it was around $100, and the gasoline numbers in look 1 were purchased there for $25 a pop.

Overall, it is a happy loft for a happy couple. And they were just so grateful. One of them got teary in the end, which totally made my life. Of course, i wish the cameras had been rolling, but what can you do? It’s actually really hard for people to show the excitement with the cameras trained on them (these two did NOT have that problem, they were awesome). There are so many times when people, their reaction on camera is great, they love it, it’s beautiful, etc, etc, and the second they yell ‘cut’, they’d relax and do a happy dance and truly celebrate and i’m like, WHY NOW??? It’s hilarious. But not these two, they were super super excited and grateful and that makes me look back on the whole week with total fondness. Yes, i am getting mushy these days. Can’t help it.

19 Responses

  1. Bar Stools says:

    Yea it's boring man !!
    Go get some nice bar stools to furnish the space.
    It will look much better ;)

    • jerimac says:

      Emily does not know what she is doing!!!.. I would not pay for her to decorate my dog's house..I love shabby chic and making a great looks out of vintage pieces.. but if you look at the faces of the owners …they are in shock…Dan, the carpenter can do a better job than Emily…Why is she doing the makeover and then having to makeover the makeover?? The owners obviously are not happy…shame on Emily and HGTV..give us another David Bromsted, Antonio or Candace..I LOVE HGTV AND THE DESIGNER SHOWS

  2. Bertye says:

    I am so tyrying to watch and like this show but –still–not so much. The designs to me tend to be garrish looking and something that I would venture to guess that after a year, as the recipeint of the makeover you would doing another one in short order. It is though she is trying so hard to be different and it failing. I get the feeling that she is making up thingsas she goes along I sincerely hope the homeowners are liking what she has done, as I said, twelve months later, (if they can wait that long).

  3. dobo says:

    I love, love, love Emily's style and find her show refreshing and hip. I don't think she's "trying too hard" I think she's being herself. I also like that her rooms are liveable – not so perfect, perfect that you're afraid if someone touches the pillows when they sit down. This show is the only one from HGTV I've locked on my recorder and re-watch before I go shopping.

    • juls says:

      I also love her designs! And you're right, they are more liveable than the usual designer rooms. The rooms are warm and are not too stiff. Her designs have the young, modern, eclectic vibe that I so respond to.

  4. Erin says:

    I absolutely LOVE Emily's show!!! Not only does she design rooms that us common folk can take tips from and make are own but she makes watching the show fun. Her personality is just so fun and all around awesome! Can't get enough of the show or of her.

  5. Danikka says:

    I really like the layering of styles, because I think a lot of people, especially couples, having differing styles that they enjoy. The different layers make it so much more comfy and inviting. I look at her designs and feel that I could walk right in and feel at home.

  6. rosemarie says:

    love the show…Emily is so cute and charming. Her idea is brilliant and she just needs to tweak it abit. Makes Sat. nite a pleasure. I also enjoy Antonio's show, Their ideas are not for everyone but u can pick and choose from 2 (not the usual run of the mill designers. This I like and feel that everyone has a little designer in them. So u go girl…

  7. pamb says:

    Really enjoying Emily's show…..her quirky, darling personality is starting to really shine as she gets more use to the show. A refreshing and young approach to design. However, I am getting really frustrated with trying to find the show on Saturday nights. The last 2 weeks at 9 and 12 there have been reruns. I understand the new shows were on at 6pm, but I couldn't watch then. Why isn't the new show on at all three times????? I'll be tuning in late again this Saturday and I'll be hoping to see a new show. Keep up the great work!

  8. Kim Anderson says:

    Not impressed. And her voice is annoying.

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