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The Cameroon Juju Hat is hands down one of my favorite accessories to decorate with. My juju hat is currently tucked away in storage as I settle into my new apartment, but when it arrives, I can’t wait to place it above my mantel where it’s sure to make a bold statement.

Cameroon Juju HatVia Table Tonic

Originally worn by tribal chiefs and dignitaries in the Cameroonian kingdoms, juju hats feature feathers beautifully woven onto a raffia base. In an array of colors that range from deep purple, to magenta, red, creamy white and even jet black, juju hats have the ability to add both color and texture to a space.

Cameroon Juju HatDomino Magazine

Whether over a mantel or just off-center the juju hat is sure to command attention.

Cameroon JuJu HatDabble Magazine

I love how this crimson red juju hat gives this dark living room a bright jolt of color.

Cameroon Juju HatScout Designs NYC

And a mix of three or four hats can create a unique piece of original wall art. Just pick your favorite colors in varying sizes for your own statement piece.

You can find juju hats online at L’Aviva Home and AfricanArt.com. Both sites have a variety of fun colors for you to choose from just in time for Spring!


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22 Responses

  1. kathryn says:

    wow…i love those bold colors together…looks really awesome

  2. fxgeorges says:

    This is pretty much awesome! I would get it, but I wouldn't know where to put it. Also I wonder what it looks like in person and what other colors they will have coming out.

  3. Barbara Downey says:

    Please tell my why my favorite show (The Stagers) isn't on HGTV. I've looked for, inquired, etc. Your schedule says it's on Tues at 9:30 p.m. but it's not! Have you taken it off the air…if so, why for heaven sake. He is so great to watch!!! Thanks…

  4. Barbara Downey says:

    How does one buy a Juju hat? How much do they cost? I think these "hat" are wonderful looking!

    Thanks ahead of time for any info you can give me.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Barbara – Jeanine suggests these websites for purchasing Juju hats: L’Aviva Home (lavivahome.com) and AfricanArt.com. I've seen them listed for anywhere between $200 and $600. They are beautiful.

  5. Beautiful designing with a unique taste of tradition. Juju hats adds beauty in walls.

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  7. Rosa@flutterflutter says:

    I just did a DIY for how to make your own juju hat! Come check it out! http://flutterfluter.ca/

  8. sandi says:

    you can buy them at the best price at Africanart.com. I just got three and they are awesome. Would love any insight on the best way to hang them on a wall, though.

  9. Anna@HGTV says:

    What do you think about this faux DIY alternative I found on Design*Sponge? Looks fun to make. But I think it will be harder to dust than an authentic one. http://www.d <a href="http://ehttp://www.designsp…” target=”_blank”>ehttp://www.designsponge.com/2011/06/…

  10. Kyle Yarboro says:

    I purchased 2 Juju hats from AuthenticAfrica.com They come in two sizes, they are beautiful and their customer service is excellent!! I think they have the best colors too!

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