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Ming was the first to guess correctly. This week’s “What the…?” is an oak bar stool by designer Nic Stubbenhagen, perfect for celebrating Oktoberfest. (Yes, we’re early, but we couldn’t wait until the fall to post this.)


The intricate carving, reminiscent of a double-headed eagle emblem, looks like something a traditional woodworker would made. In fact, some incredibly sophisticated technology went into producing the stool. Nic employed an industrial waterjet cutting machine by Flow Europe that blasts water mixed with quartz sand accelerated to the speed of sound to create the elaborate design in what was a solid hunk of oak.

If you happen to come across any mysterious finds, email me at designhappens@hgtv.com.


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  1. Don Bruce says:

    I have watched some of you shows and I thank God for people like you. Of coarse I need help putting up a house. That is why I am watching your shows. When I see the help you give people I can only feel good about man kind. I like the way you don't let the people feel stupid, just misinformed. I pray that you can keep going. Have a good day.

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