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Mother Nature played a very nasty April Fools Day joke on the Northeast yesterday with a classic winter storm. Not. Funny.

biltmore estate flower festival

Photo: The Biltmore Company

What I want is colorful tulips, azaleas, and peonies like these at the Biltmore Estate’s Festival of Flowers. If you’re in North Carolina, or are planning to be, do me a favor and say hello to the flowers from a cold Northeasterner. The festival is running from today until May 15.

One last little bit of triva: the gardens at the Biltmore Estate were originally designed Frederick Law Olmstead, the designer of NYC’s own Central Park.


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4 Responses

  1. CplusE says:

    You poor thing — here in our Georgia garden the forsythias, daffodils, and grape hyacinths are already past their prime, the Japanese maples are leafing out in a beautiful maroon color, the ajuga and Carolina jessamine are in flower, and the azaleas and dogwoods are just starting. Think about us in the middle of summer, though, when the heat and humidity are so intense that nothing wants to bloom!

  2. Sara says:

    in MN, its really nice out, but you can still see snow!! I can't wait until it actully starts to feel like spring

  3. desingergirly88 says:

    I cant wait either! And today started to feel like spring! yay!

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