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In our April 1st giveaway, we pitted chicks and bunnies against each other to decide which cuddly creature should be crowned Animal Emperor of Easter. Chicks had a strong showing up front, but in the end the rabbits reigned supreme. Our first winner in the random drawing, Tamoraj, was part of the winning cottontail team saying, “Fluffy bunnies for sure. It’s always been about the Easter bunny — chicks are just sidekicks!”  Winner number two, Shawna Payter, fought hard for all things avian and yellow with this pro-chicks declaration, “For me, Easter is all about the cute yellow chicks. The bright yellow color of the chicks reminds me of the cheerful time Easter brings.”

Happy Easter Store

We’ve sent Tamoraj and Shauna their gift codes to the Happy Easter Store – tell us what you use it on, ladies!  We give our winners two weeks to reply to our notifications before we do another random drawing and pick new winners.


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2 Responses

  1. Tamoraj says:

    I went to some of the sister companies and bought two birthday presents for my sister who turns 50 in June. I can't tell you what I bought, she might find out! I was able to find some very unique items that I am sure she will enjoy. Thanks HGTV!

  2. Karli_HGTV says:

    Fantastic! Glad to hear it. They certainly have a lot to choose from on their sites!

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