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Easter Sunday brings back so many … itchy memories for me. I never threw a tantrum while getting dressed. I kept it together because I knew if I cooperated and wore the fluffy floral dress, uncomfortable patent leather shoes, white gloves, straw hat and smiled through the family photo shoot that I’d be rewarded with all the Marshmallow Peeps and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs I could eat. While I still love eating Easter Sunday brunch at my grandmother’s, I’m so happy that I get to pick out a soft sundress of my choosing. And decorate my home to my heart’s delight. I’m getting an early start on Easter decorating this year (a good 3 weeks early!) How about you? Here are my four favorite handmade projects you can complete in a snap and enjoy the entire month.

DIY Easter Egg Garland Decor

This delicate egg garland is the perfect Easter decor piece in all its glittery, pastel goodness. It’s ideal for hanging above a spring-style vignette or wrapping around the stair banister. Yes, glitter can be messy, but that makes it all the more fun, right?

DIY Easter Pom-Pom Table Decor

Dress up the ceiling above your dining room table with colorful springtime pom-poms. Grab the kids for this project, because all you need is tissue paper, scissors, ribbon and florist wire to create this simple decor piece that can be used for parties and festivities all season long. Mix tissue paper in a variety of colors to create a true flower-like pom-pom.

DIY Easter Decor Monogram Moss Letter

I love personalized decor, especially this natural spring moss monogram made with an oversized chipboard letter and moss. Attach ribbon to the back and hang your finished letter on the front door to welcome guests, or display on the mantel for lush springtime inspiration.

DIY Easter Moss Covered Wreath

I’m so happy wreaths can be year-round decor, because I know my front door has been feeling a bit naked since I took down my Christmas wreath. This egg- and moss-covered wreath is surprisingly easy to make and can quickly give your exterior the spring inspiration it needs. After Easter, trade out the eggs for flowers or birds, and you’ve got a wreath for Mother’s Day.

Looking for more cute projects? Check out these Easter decorating ideas, like cherry branch displays. Get ideas for your spring brunch tablescape with these colorful settings, centerpieces and favors. (Start planning a killer menu, too, with these Easter recipes from FoodNetwork.com.)

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  1. Jupiter Blue says:

    I am so much in love with your ideas. My kids are very excited for easter. I love what you did on the Christmas wreath. Honestly I never thought about it but that's a perfect idea. I've got to put it on the door under the door canopy

  2. Alessandra Castillo says:

    Love it!!!!!!!

  3. Marie says:

    I am in love with your ideas. My kids are very excited for the easter. I love what you did on the Christmas wreath and I never thought that I could use it again during easter. http://www.jupiterblue.co.uk

    • Kayla@HGTV says:

      I know! It's so convenient to be able to integrate certain seasonal decor ideas year round. Just cover a grapevine wreath in Spanish moss and you have a spring-style wreath just like that :)

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  7. MAris says:


  8. Bannana says:


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