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That’s right; Ken and I have officially moved into our house. After a year and a half of mold remediation, demo, construction and drywall dust, we’re now entering the home stretch of our renovation.


Let’s all pause for a moment of silence, shall we?


Good. Now it’s time to get to work! I’m surrounded by boxes as I write this, and although it feels a bit overwhelming, it’s also a beautiful thing. We’re thrilled to move into the next phase of home-ownership: decorating! I’m swimming with ideas.

But first –  the move. To be honest, we were pretty lucky and things progressed without a hitch — although the rainy weather certainly didn’t aid the process.


Our family was sweet enough to spend the day helping us move to and from the storage unit, and it was all very much like Christmas morning re-discovering some of the items we’ve been storing for the past two years! (Can you spot the crutches? Must keep those around when you have a renovation-loving husband!)

All in all, we had a lovely time devouring pizza, dodging thunderstorms and sweating our Saturday with some good tunes, family and friends. I have some tips below if you’re planning a move of your own, and I’ll meet you back here next Wednesday for a sneak peek of our work-in-progress office!

Moving Tips (Alternately Titled: How To Stay Sane Amidst The Cardboard)
1. Organize your boxes by function, not room. I like to label my boxes by verbs rather than noun, so I can find everything, yet still be prepared for a space where the layout/storage calls for a different room function.
Example: A box of china can be labeled ‘fine dining’ rather than ‘dining room,’ just in case the space you’re moving into doesn’t have a dining room. This way,  you’re not stuck opening the box on the spot to find a new space for storing the goods.
2. Consider a master list. Because I’m a bit of an organizational fanatic, I kept a master list of items of nearly everything in each box. Yes, it requires more time when packing, but it makes unpacking a breeze. Bonus? Your master list acts as an inventory for everything in your home, which is always a valuable document to have in the future.
Example: A box of china is labeled ‘fine dining’ on the box itself, and then itemized on a separate master list, i.e. “candlesticks, Grandmother’s platter, vintage tablecloth, silver flatware.”
3. Pack in small boxes. It’s always tempting to cram as much as you can into a giant box, but small, manageable boxes are much easier to move. Bonus? They’re often free at local office supply stores.
4. Take your time. Moving is a marathon, so allow plenty of time for unpacking/packing and be sure to celebrate the transition along the way. I highly recommend chocolate!

Happy moving, friends!


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